Accension items


I think that accension​ items are extinct…I haven’t gotten any in over aonth…I’m talking about compasses and dagger’s…they say Titan loot or wanted missions but they make it impossible​ to get…need to work on making it possible to get not easy but not as hard


I agree completely. I haven’t received any Ascension items in 3-4 weeks either. I have won lots of garbageI don’t need. This is very frustrating aspect of a very fun game. I hope the developers look into this.


I can’t seem to get the 3* Battle Manuals for anything. I have been hitting P12 solidly for two days straight.


I think these items are truly random. Here’s some loot I’ve gotten over the last two days:

Titan loot:

Wanted/Elemental chest:

(This doesn’t include about 4-5 Trainer Cards, or other goodies; I got a second Telescope, I just failed to snapshot it.)

To put this into perspective, I had a relatively dry month before that…maybe chainmail shirts and boots, but nothing else. In a game where chance rules, maybe give it a little more time to hit your chance. :relaxed:


I wish there were some way to trade. I would give you one of the 30 I have. :unamused:


I have 15 of the 3* Battle Manuals.

I got my last compass… from a daily video… they’re not even supposed to BE in daily videos per their item description.

There’s no rhyme or reason as to why or how loot is influenced. I’m a top 250 player in the 6th best alliance, and I got nothing but level 1-1 trash for every 7* titan we down.


Hello. I’m playing for two months now. Since update 1.3 i hadn’t have any rare items to upgrade heroes. There’s no more rare quest or special chest. Is it due to the upgrade or am I really unlucky?
Thx for answering


I got a Wanted/elemental chest yesterday or the day before. They’re still out there. :wink:


I a gree why make it so hard yo accend like 4 cloak that rediculous when you cannot even find 1 and whats with the accension pack most of the item they officer you can get on the map they should only have thing that you cannot get