Accelerating monster chest for gems

Can somebody please confirm that using gems to lower a time needed for a monster chest mission, can actually bring the most wanted elemental monster chest mission quicker?
is it worth money?
currently I`m getting elemental monster chest mission once per 1,5-2 months

I don’t have any real data on this interaction, but can speak from my personal experience. I have been very fortunate with special wanted chests recently, receiving 4 in December, 3 in January, 2 in February, 4 in March, and 1 so far in April. I always try to fill 2 monster chests a day, and 3 hero chests every 2 days, which means I frequently rush chests either at 53 minutes for 1 gem, or at 90 min for 2 gems. To be clear, I don’t think that the act of rushing chests makes you more likely to get a special one. Rather, I believe that the chance is fixed so the more chests you fill, the more frequently you should bet a special.


Less then before but still worth it.

Some people like to skip only sometimes for few gems, some other (like me) like to skip as many times the game let you do it.

Actually i’m not sure what is the most effective, but you can compromise to skipping only sometimes and still accumulate some gems.


Yes…I’ve been tracking it since early February…I skip wait times almost every day. Using the VIP pass may in fact pay for the daily skips if you’re smart with it. So it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg…Having said that.
I average about 3-4 monster chests + 1 raid chest a day. I’ve received 8 elemental chests since early/mid February…So there… Get cracking on those daily chests !!!

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I also started tracking and have been receiving more ascention material in hero chest than monster chest
3 elemental chest in a month and 10 days

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Using gems to accelerate chest respawn will most surely not give you more elemental chests, but will obviously over time shorten the time between them.

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Which would be more in a set timeframe. atleast I think that is what he is referring to

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I have been tracking it for a little over a week and I will keep tracking it. Its not worth it so far. Here’s the chart and it shows prizes actually decreasing over 9 whole day span. Doing 2 monster chest a day. So far no element chest either.


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You are VERY lucky to receive that many element chest

I make 3 chests of monsters and one of duels every day. Also a titan chest every week.

The periodicity of the elementary chests varies a lot (in my experience between 20 and 58 chests).

But with four chests every day I have 3 or 4 elementary chests a month.

That frequency seems to be in line with other player’s who also skip daily and track their chests. Hopefully it works out for you too…

  1. The (smart) reason to do it isn’t to have a net gem gain. The (smart) reason is that for a fairly low gem cost, you (on average) increase your number of elemental chests, which (on average) increases your number of non-farmable ascension items. All for a net few gems per day. (Buying non-farmable ascension items for :gem: or $$$ in the rare deals that offer you a shot at it in the store are far more expensive!)
  2. Gem cost (per chest, at least) is lower if you farm 3X per day and do 3 monster chests per day, because if you wait for flags to recover, you can keep the acceleration cost down to ~10 gems per chest, instead of 20 to do it right away.
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Of course it’s not to regain spent gems. But you still have to track everything spent and everything earned to make a reasonable calculation on if it’s worth it.

Have you tracked you’re earnings on a spread sheet. It’s rather surprising when it’s all written out on front of you.

I will say that I’ve Done 20 chest total and then this morning was a Yellow Monster chest. I’m gonna keep tracking to seem how often they come. Maybe 20 is the lucky number

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I’m keeping track on every single chest loot since January 18th. I accelerate as much as possible and opened 615 regular chests, an average of exaclty 5 chests per day. Without taking world energy flasks in addition it’s not possible to open many more chests, I spent 4522 gems, so close to 37 a day.

You might say, I was lucky to receive, but I say, by accelerating and opening so many chests I EARNED 20 elemental chests. So on average it took around 30 opened regular chests for a rare one.(6 days at my opening rate) This means by spending 4522 gems, “instantly” buying 226 chests for 20 gems each, I earned an additional 7,5 elemental chests. (in addition to all the other stuff from the bought chests)

I don’t have time right now to make a detailed analysis on the gains, but to me it’s very clear that “buying” chests is the best way to spend your gems.

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