Accelerating chest

I used a couple gems to accelerate the monster chest in the last day. That makes the appearance time work better for me. However I think the rewards were the two worst I’ve ever gotten. Just bad luck or is this an expected outcome?

Expected. The only time I accelerate is for the diamond chest. Normal monster chest won’t be bothered.

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The main strategy for accelerating chests is to gain elemental chests quicker rather than worry about the individual chest loot.

@Kikyo is there a good explanation of this strategy handy?


Yes it seems when you accelerate the loot is bad…not that it’s ever ‘good’ anyway. Accelerating is moreso to burn through your chests and reset the timer in hopes of getting a rare chest sooner.


I have been using gems to skip chests for well over a year now, so I can fill both raid and monster chest two times every day. I had a period (pre summer) when I played a bit more than 2 months without seeing an elemental chest. For the last 2 months I’ve seen about one elemental per week.

It’s hard to say that skipping chests leads to more elemental chests in any other way than that you speed up your chance to get them (ie you do more chests during a given timeframe than you could have done without using gems to skip).

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Lol see what i mean?

Yarr, indeed I do: twentyfold! :joy:

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I’m accelerating every chest, every day, every time, for now 2 months.

I’m the only one in my alliance doing that. It doesn’t accelerate elemental chests. It’s a myth.

When my elemental pop, some other people in my alliance also have one. Then, even if I keep accelerating it all, when I have a new elemental chests, same guyz in my alliance also have one.

That’s all I can say after doing it for 2 months.

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