Academy (Hero)

Hi my academy is at level 2 and I am currently upgrading to level 3, but its not allowing me to train while updating. If I read correctly I should be able to perform x 2 actions simultaneously except for research? Thanks for your advice on this.

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Hero Academy allows you to perform 2 actions simultaneously but not while it is upgrading.

Possible 2 actions:
1 training + 1 research
2 different trainings.


This is correct, the wording could have been chosen more clear but while upgrading you can’t do anything else…


You should be the official bearer of bad news for the forum

Ur avatar doesnt make anything sound as bad as it is lol

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I will do it with a smile, not with pleasure

As above, Upgrading monopolises ALL actions on the building.

It is the same as for Alchemy Lab and all other buildings (like Training Camps, Farms etc… Except Watchtower) where you cannot use the building while it is being upgraded.

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