Abuse of customers, players

So, I get that SG doesn’t really care about the players. I get that they are totally bottom line oriented. They block folks for no apparent reason… and because of how this is set up you have no one available to connect with us. Because we’re just money makers and not actual people. I’d like for you to reevaluate how you’ve thrown us under the bus in tournaments. The difficulty in getting ascension materials. Really? Have you all played the game EVER? I challenge you to play the game and see how stupid ridiculous it’s become. I know I’m going to get a computer generated reply… because that’s what you think of you’re players… your guests… your customers… just saying


Thank you for your response.
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Funny, just as I predicted… computer generated response. Look at Hoppers pep talk in an Ants life. So f***ing fitting.


You’re funny… computer generated. How much money do you make off us yearly?

A bit of reality for you, the response you are seeing is from another player (a human being) much like yourself who is having a bit of fun with you. If the game is causing you this much hate and disappointment then, do yourself a favor, and find something else to do with your time.


It’s not computer generated! They only want you to think it is! It’s “zee eliens”!


To the first issue, well yes and no, the second, usually yes, but no as well. SG have a staff of about 60 and they all have slightly different agendas and limited time to deal with individual things.
My last experience was quite positive thanks to an untagged staff member. I believe that you don’t always get a computer generated response, you might but then it is time to plan your enquiry first and potential response in advance. They are not monsters.

And no, I am not employed by SG.


Now, I see it! Thank you for playing along Avrilfra.

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It might as well be computer generated. They just copy/paste the response, which is why most players see the exact same thing. And when the game fails because all the players who keep pleading with SG to do something right for a change, do finally leave, you can at least take solace in the fact players listened to your dumb advice. Imagine if everyone used that logic and didnt try to fix things before just quitting? Sounds awesome huh. If you dont like the OP post, why did you comment? Shouldn’t you have taken your advice and just left the forum?

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I doubt that.
In 99.9% you don’t get an answer at all from Sg neither computer generated or otherwise.

In bug and issue sub forum, you probably get an answer if you are lucky (and report an actual bug) but outside it’s players communicating with other players. The times someone from Sg actually answered can probably counted on one hand and most of the time with topics with 100 of posts.
The hero academy change with old 3* 4* from events come to my mind for example.

Ha. I love how much people complain about ascension mats. I have so many of those worthless things. Can I give them to you? A five star hero that isn’t my fifth Azlar? Impossible to get no matter how much money I spend. All threes, fours, and S1
heroes. I wish I had y’all’s problems…

I wasn’t defending SG and their support. Learn how to comprehend what you read. I was pointing out the fact the first response was another player not the company. I have found my way of enjoying the game and wasn’t complaining. Learn how to comprehend what you read.

Riiiiiiiiight. Its your story, tell it how you want lol.

LOL it sounds like he did. More like you read it how you wanted. Which I get, you are pissed off. But no one responding here is anything more than a customer of SG, just like you.


I read it how it was intended. What does being a customer have anything to do with it? Of course we are customers. Most of us spending customers. That is why we have the right to voice our issues with the game. If we werent customers and we just knew someone who played, it wouldnt make much sense to be on here discussing the game, would it? lol

Totally don’t understand that line of reasoning… makes no sense

I totally dont understand what you dont understand. It makes no sense that you dont understand.

Reply for attention?

Are you asking if I did, or are you telling me why you did?

Hi, so I’m not trying to jump in the line of fire here but I saw your post and wanted to see if maybe I could help, even an empathetic shoulder perhaps but could I get some clarification please? Are you upset about a cgo answer to a question, tournaments, accession materials and their drop rates or is it something else that I lost in the translation… :two_hearts:


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