Absurdly unbalanced tiles

I have a team, tp 3661, that has no blue or yellow hero. Yet my boards consistently have a ridiculously unbalanced color layout . I have taken several screenshots this morning and can show that I constantly get boards with mostly blue and yellow. It is VERY difficult to prevail in what should be an equal fight with an opponent with comparable team power. When the computer controlling the battle uses it’s “knowledge” of your board to generate an overwhelming advantage for your opponent. There is something definitely wrong with the combat logarithms for such an amazingly unfair situation

Every single person who actually did the math based on screenshots has reported that there is no bias based on the team you bring. It’s all confirmation bias, perceived reality vs. actual reality, that suggests to you that the world (here, the AI, the devs or the computer) is against you. Move tiles around and get the tiles you need. Sometimes you will lose, sometimes you will win. Enjoy the victories and vow to do better after a defeat.


@klawfinger101 This is a common perception, as @Guy pointed out, and there are two excellent threads on this topic.

The first explains the math, starting with this post from @Garanwyn:

The second has collected extensive data from hundreds of matches and ten thousand plus tiles to determine whether tiles generated are, in fact, random (spoiler: yep):

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This is a duplicate thread. Please see the links by Zephyr1.

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