Absolutely food starved at end game high level

Lvl 75 player with all worthwhile buildings maxxed.

I am constantly starved for food at this stage.

2-3 5* heroes being leveled at any one time. 1-2 being finished, 1-2 being targeted to 3/70 to sit and wait. Other colors generally feed costumes unless power levelling a hero.

Hero Academy full time 4 (iron) & 10, constant Alchemy lab at various levels.

In December for a self-Christmas I even purchased two of the gem/20x 500k food offers to finish two mana troops to 23. A few weeks ago I finally finished yellow mana troop to 23 (last one for set). I have probably close to 1000 1* and 2* troops sitting around and could eat 50 million food easily. I’m assuming the whales all purchase and only feed 3* troops to save on food cost.

Constantly sitting on low food. A full titan chest or Goblin recycle is an absolute treat! Fill 2x monster and 2x raid chests per day. Due to the recent Skip timer change I can no longer do a 3rd raid chest daily. TC20 was retired and food consumed midway through Hero Academy upgrades.

Many of the raid chests end up disappointingly turn out to be elemental chests, which provides no food whatsoever. Just garbage, mostly silver coins, and emblems of the 3 classes I don’t need. It has been 17 elemental chests since I’ve received a 4* ascension mat, so they are useless there as well. Mystic Vision is more rewarding there.

Battle mats are primarily iron based. A couple harpoons and minor mana potions weekly are all I spend food on there.

The emblem boost is another problem here. I have right now a range of 141-1540 emblems, averaging 563 per class. The reduced cost was nice, but the count bump with all the new activities kind of cancels that out.

No WE and only overnight 1-2 RE is ever wasted.

Anyone else in this situation? Sure you can prioritize what to work on, but in 2.5 years I’ve never seen it so bad. There appears to be no way to catch up. And no, I’m not buying food refills in the store. $20 for a fill? That’s like paying $20 for a cup of Ramen noodles.


It will get better eventually. Couple of things

  • At some point you will have enough 5* heroes to make 6x solid war teams (if you don’t have that already). That means you don’t necessarily have to work on heroes continuously and you can wait for that game changer new hero to work on.
  • You will eventually run out of feeders for troops, unless you do pulls for troops. But even then this is a temporary thing, since troops are the best long term investment for high level play (while heroes may get nerfed/ dated)
  • If you are in an alliance that is chaining 14* titans, then you will eventually accumulate a stack of Titan flasks which you can use to merc baby titans for food
  • With emblems have a clear plan of which heroes you want to invest in. Constant reseting (even with the reduced cost and refund in resources) will hurt your overall resources over time.
  • If you are working on so many 5*s do you need to be running HA10? It consumes a vast amount of food.

What is that magic number? I am currently finishing #31 & 32 and could finish a blue & yellow as well but am not excited on anything I have to pull the trigger yet unless I pull a costume. Is 32 enough? No. Some of those original 5* are very seldom useful. And during war, the weak tank color kind of gets tossed to a small degree. I would say 40 is a better target.

False, unless you consider only 3* troops worthy of feeding. In which case I’d say this is an issue in game design. The 1000+ 1* and 2* troops I have sitting around are due to AR & VF farming. This number grows each month. Again, I bought 20M food in December just to finish some 23s and it disappeared with a snap of the fingers. I could burn another 150M food right now in 15 minutes. Another 50M for emblem upgrades.

Hadn’t thought of that. Unfortunately I am the Alliance leader so unless I bring in an alt to pass over lead, not going to happen.

Yes, and everyone should unless they are a spender and pull every 5* in game. You keep going for those game changers. February ended on a dud for me for Uraeus again. I have not pulled a non-S1 yellow since Neith. And honestly, 1.4M a week isn’t that much. It’s one feeding to a 23* troop.


I’m at a very similar level to you but don’t have a food issue

And this is why, you are either very lucky or spending quite a lot on summons.

I’m not criticising at all, but this is your bottle neck.

I get a new 5* every month or two and max it in about four days.

Then the food and feeders pile up again.

I run 4x TC20, ha10, alchemy lab etc and still able to make items, level troops etc


Pretty disappointing to read what you describe. I am quite far from having everything maxed, but I would find it more enjoyable not to be food starved when my base is fully maxed, and actually to occasionally run TC19 to burn excessive food.

I’m with the op: level 76 player and am food starved!! Maxed all buildings (except a couple training camps).

My food goes to:

  1. HA10 once a week
  2. Leveling heroes
  3. Creating feeders
  4. Leveling troops
  5. Embleming heroes

How do you NOT have a food storage? Just the troop leveling alone takes it all away.


I guess I’m just happy to keep it a more comfortable pace.
Troop levelling happens when I’ve got a bunch of decent feeders.

But I’m smashing my way through diamond and too scoring on wars and titans so I’m not stressing about troops so much.


So be it…if I have some excess food I drop it into troop leveling, but I already have the rainbow lvl 23 mana troops so it becomes VERY expensive for food to get any higher. I’m opting to get a couple more sets of at least lvl 11 troops before I attempt to slog to lvl 29/30.


I ran TC19 about 4-5 times, maybe 18 months ago before Atlantis Rising started. AR results in keeping a TC2 running full time until the next AR, as well as TC1 for 4 days straight and some bonus second TC2. If you do the math that’s a lot of feeding and food requirements. There’s no way I would ever be able to, or want to run TC19 again barring huge game changes.

I wish I had an answer for you! I have maxed every building available, run HA10, occasionally re-emblem heroes up to +18/19, and currently have about 2750 feeders waiting for a 5* to level (Waiting for a damascus blade). The last 4-5 5* heroes I’ve maxed, have been maxed within about 15 minutes of deciding to pull the trigger. Based on my TC10 storage, I have about 28mil ham stored up, just waiting for it to be used. I also spend ham on harpoons when I feel like it, but I have over 400 of those built as well.

The only thing I can say on troops is, after I got a set to 23, I have been working on getting another set up to 11. As you know, leveling troops on the lower end is MUCH cheaper, so I’m sure that plays a big part of the ham discrepancy.

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That is not why. I have been at those averages for over a year. It’s the high level troops and the emblem changes that drained the food bank. I did stop at 23 and am getting at least a 2nd 11* mana for Very Fast wars. Finished Mother North a week ago and still haven’t been able to spare food to get her to +19 (3 to go). I won’t let TCs finish and go idle, that just seems wrong. Grabbed 3 ninja troops out of 32 coins with no spending and that’s average buildup for 2 months play, so I can work on those as well for a lot less food.

“quite a lot” is subjective, I certainly don’t buy every offer and haven’t bought a 4* AM offer since Christmas spending aside from the rare $1.99 lucky goblin. HA10 will give you something useful every ~10 weeks. Got Fenrir and Heimdall over the weekend out of 34 pulls which is about average.

If you are running TC20 x 4 you are in a completely different play model. I run TC11x2, TC2, and a floater of 1/2/11.

Level 79 here and this is how I play. I only work on one hero at a time and I don’t power level (well until I get to 4/70 then it’s off to the races to get to 4/80). Buildings I have mostly maxed .Doing my last two advanced food storages right now so I can finally research HA10…I’m way behind there. I’m psyched to be disappointed every week!

I level troops when my food is full and nothing urgent to spend it on. And by level troops I mean I do what I can with what I have…thousands of 1* troops and not much else. I never spent on troops in the game.

Just maxed my 43rd 5* hero…Uraeus. I’m pretty comfortable with my depth. I’m just in the grind now and enjoying the company of my alliance mates.


Nice! I didn’t do very many summons this time around. Just about 9-10 from the coins I had and accumulated during the event. Nothing of note. I’ve been lucky/unlucky in the Valhalla summons. No Frigg or Odin or Heimdall or Lord Loki, but 2 each of Bera and Fenrir and 3 of Gefjon. Not that I’ll ever max any of those dupes. I enjoy variety of heroes more than anything.

(Although an alliance-mate has been devastating us all in friendlies with his 3 Gullinbursti team and it both hilarious an maddening and it kinda makes me want all the pigs!)

Unfortunately not for me. The pulls were mainly for Uraeus who could have gone to +20. Fenrir is niche. I just finished MN so sitting on only 2 tonics, Heimdall will wait at 3/70 for awhile. I have not pulled Odin, Frigg or Gefjon. Gefjon would have been great to pair with C-Marj. Absolute kill combo.

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Man… I wish my average was two Event 5*'s on 34 pulls.

I’m lvl80 after 902 days of playing, and have maxed every building there is. 35 Maxed 5s, 29 more at 3-70, 67 maxed 4s and 66 maxed 3s. A few months ago I hit the point where I didn’t have anyone else I wanted to max and started doing a couple dupes just to spend the feeders from farming. I don’t worry about power-leveling anyone because the whole game is a grind. I’ve got two of my mana troops up to lvl23 and (two more at lvl17 and the one in work now is up to lvl20).

When my hams get up to 3M, I drop 1M on leveling troops with 1* or 2* feeders. Seems like I do that every-other day or so. The rest of the hams go to HA10, occasional Emblem bumps, and feeding heroes. I guess I’m just not in any big rush because I know there’s no prize at the end…


Just a quick question, did you make one of your farms into an advanced building?

I’m starved for food as well with all all farms/advanced farms at max level (not as progressed as you though on roster), but I can somewhat get around it by alternating what I use my food for.

No, no way. 2 forges into Hero Academy and Alchemy Lab. 3rd forge floats to Barracks and Hunter’s Lodge as needed. Last forge at 20.

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I do have an 11 mana troop of every color as well except yellow which is at 9. Also a 17 crit troop of every color (not by choice, crit troops were my first pulls of every color).

Are you running 3 levels of Alchemy full time? It’s a good amount of food dumped. Disappointed that they are all food and no iron.

I have never pulled the trigger on any hero. Fastest I think I have ever levelled a 5 is maybe one month. And I have nowhere to store food anymore unless I were do it in an Alch lab level. That way at least nothing gets wasted. 65+ 4s and 50+ 3s, mainly to have options for tournaments and challenge events. I notice that a lot of top end players are nowhere near these numbers.

In the long run though this is very food inefficient, losing the 20% bonus. For high level players it’s probably fine, but I would never recommend it for ‘younger’ players. When moving a 5* to 3/70 to sit and wait their turn, I will have at least a couple going at all times.

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TheSchmoo - I have the same observation on scarcity of food. I observe the food reward in stages are less than 1,000 now. Before, they are above 1k. The same with raids. Like you, been playing 2.5 years.


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