Absolutely disgusted with this game

I am absolutely disgusted that this game is sooo bad in areas. Raids… how can a team with half the power… Wipe the floor with another team… in the first bout… and then be distroyed in seconds on the second attempt… I have to use 6 lives… to win 2 or 3 trophys… against an inferior team.
The Powers / Spells of new heros far out weigh the abilities of the longest serving heros the thers is no balance in the game… its not fair for either side… It feels like the game has been thrown together… by a bunch of kids with new toys to play with… Wars make me laugh… Why does one team get any advantage over another… Enemy aid??? Its War… not doctors and nurses…

I have already mentioned the price structure… its a disgrace… £100 in real money for a bunch of gems… with a load of materials that are either insufficient, irrelevant and basically pointless…
WHY are you determined to hold players back… just to make more money from them… if they wish to advance in the game… I have 5 heros all waiting to assend… and i cannot assend them unless i spent stupid money £100 on a pack…

Wake up folks… i have lots more to rant about… but i get the distinct feeling… it will fall on deaf ears…


Hi there!

Hmm, lots to unpack here, let’s start with the simplest:

  • The game provides free heroes (yes mostly 3*, but also 4* and 5*) through the training camps. TC12 is for 3* only, TC13 is for 3* with a chance at 4*, TC20 is 3* with a chance at 4/5*

  • Ascension Items drop randomly in game for FREE. Yes, you can purchase them in various packages, but the game makes them randomly available for free all the time, thru: Wanted chests, Rare Wanted (colored) chests, Rare Quests (two guaranteed items), Mystic Vision, Titan loot, I’ve even had them drop (rarely) in war loot!

  • To understand War and Raid is to recognize they are two different but related animals. Knowing a) your heroes, b) the relation of color/element, c) cup dropping for Raid and d) the different war curve balls: Arrows, Boost, Aid. (Aid just means your opponent with be health-heavy and you’ll need to compensate accordingly.)

I’ve been here for 14+ months, and prolly spent less than $100 USD. I’m happy to talk Game with you if you like. :slight_smile:

P.S. Your post is in English; it can be moved to General Discussion.


I feel your pain. I pulled G. Falcon today and get this crap. He wasn’t even leveled like the picture shows. False advertisement.


Hmm? I want to know the max of my heroes. No game ever gives you a maxed hero at the outset with no expense/effort/investment.


Im sure i found a chart on here that gives all details… scroll tru a few topics you mite come across it… i will look out for it

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No, there’s small print on every card that states you don’t get it levelled.


I’d have to disagree with you on almost every point .

  • I play for free
  • I have every 3* and a increasing number of maxed 4* thanks to training camps, making the most of events and Titans and being part of a positive alliance.
  • I win most of my raids and a reasonable minority of defences by reading the guides on the forum and understanding complimentary powers and colours
  • I get huge enjoyment from the social element by shopping around for a fun, active alliance and engaging positively with the forum

Just wanted to specifically reply to this:

Why does one team get any advantage over another… Enemy aid??? Its War… not doctors and nurses…

Both teams get the advantage when on defense…so it’s not an advantage, it’s a level playing field

And if we were to try to apply realistic war experience to a fantasy match-3 game, wouldn’t medical aid be one of the most obvious things to add? What army doesn’t have a medical corps??


I have to respectfully disagree with you. It seems to me that you aren’t getting your way so you assume there is something wrong with the game. In order for someone to win, someone has to lose and unfortunately you seem to be on the losing side. Perhaps you need to rethink your strategy to get ahead in the game or else I would advise you stop playing if you aren’t having any fun.


according to almost everything, only two points. First, the disparity in invocations is too much. second, the hotm, they are unbalancing and they come out too much, but not at all. That unbalances, the hotm should come out a thousand times less, be rare and, each event, go out as much 50 or 100 in the whole world, but you throw 50 times and do not leave and others get 2 in 3 runs, making a 25 % or more have it and the rest does not unbalance. the proof is alb or guin that eternalize the dome. that comes out ver,y, very little or comes out in epic.

I never said im not having any fun… i really do enjoy the game… although its frustrating and hard work at times… i strive to be the best… unfortunately I am being held back by strong competitiveness and what appears to be unachievable goals… set by the developer’s… Every team needs to progress… but the way this game seems to work… is over thought in areas under developed in others and that has a knockon effect on everyone.

English please… lol disparity of invocations?? Bit early in the day for these big word haha

I am fully awake! I love this game! It provides me with hours of entertainment throughout my day. My wife plays so we can team up on the same alliance. Nothing in life is fully equal, fair, free, or perfect. With the thousands of games in the App Store we either choose to play a game or realize it does not suit our taste and walk away from it. We can’t expect a game to instantly mold around our every wish and desire while providing the best items for free. If it’s easy, make a game with an employed staff and one will see it’s not just a matter of you’re done. Then wait for the revenue to start rolling in with no more effort on your part. I have seen numerous changes and improvements to this game since I started. It’s a work in progress and will only get bettter and more refined in time. You cannot not spend money and expect the best items in the game. That’s just BadForBusiness :thinking:. I know of no business that structures their organization that way and keeps their staff gainfully employeed and their doors open.


Ok… do both teams get the support?.. Why can we not see it in game… and see the effect etc? And… i have been on my last couple of heros… half energy remaining… against an almost full opposition… and I get hit by arrows… seeing is believing… why cant we see our arrows hitting?

You could see them if friendly fire were allowed :wink:

You can see enemy arrows.

And the enemy can see YOUR arrows.

You cannot see your own, and they cannot see their own.

Imagine it this way…each side sees the arrows land. You cannot see yours land…they are too far away, across the field, but they still hit and still take effect.

Both sides see this…because both sides have an opponent…the opponent has this extra.

YOU are your opponent’s opponent. :grin:


Even here you have reinforced my points
… and i am not so daft to think anything comes for free… You said it yourself… you have seen numerous changes to the game… Improvemants etc… In my opinion… some of the changes are far too extreme… for the less advanced teams that have not being playing very long… and have committed to their teams development… for example I currently have 4 or 5 heros that i need to assend… i do not have Orbs of magic or golden compass to allow assention… yet newer players have these heros already fully leveled up. I think assention items should be associated with each provenance… and not random drops here there and everywhere… the more you progress thru provenances, the better the loot and assention items etc…

I hope the game improves rapidly to meet your expectations. Enjoy :blush:


I’m not sure why this so difficult to grasp. Even some of our players aren’t convinced yet. Perhaps because we never think of ourselves as the enemy of anyone? :thinking:

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Split screen view… or Ariel view of the attack… even in a small overview screen in the bottom corner just to see the flight of the arrows…

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