Absolute stupidity?

You do have control over it. That control takes form of what heroes you take into the battle. Unless you’re lazy like me who uses same team for attack no matter what. Then again my attacking team has C-Viv …

And it’s hard to believe you don’t have dispellers while playing game for four years. There’s Sabina, Melendor, Caedmon, Sonya just from base 4* which are not that hard to get for anyone who ran some TC20 for any reasonable time. Yes, 4*, but I still use them too, Melendor especially, since I have him emblemed and have his costume.


I would like to see couple videos how you beating S3 and S4 heroes. With 4* heroes. Thank you. I don’t say it’s impossible. I’m saying MAYBE 1 of 10 raids.

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I thought it was with S1 heroes. Now it’s with 4-star heroes? Some 4-star heroes on the team, or only 4-star heroes on the team? I’m having trouble keeping up.

I personally don’t even have the software to do such recordings, as I have no interest in recording my battles, or much of anything else I do on my phone. But this would solve nothing. I’d have no way to prove whether my 2 or 3 videos were on consecutive raids or the only battles I won out of 1,000. And the way the goalposts keep moving, there would be something wrong with it anyway. “I said with S1 heroes.” “No, I said with 4-star heroes” “Well, yeah, any moron could do it with THAT board.”

You seem committed to believing that this behavior you didn’t expect is a bug, not a feature. Pretty much everyone on this thread disagrees with you. It’s a weird hill to pick to die on, but you do you.


As I clicked to write a reply, just saw the OP title = right above the typing BoX = which summarises the OP writer’s behaviour towards the participants of this thread !

However, I feel there is NO NeeD to record anything… there are enough YouTubers who showcase their war videos where dispelling can be seen = learnt by the OP writer.

OLO (Youtube) uses mainly S1 heroes and is one of best tile movers I have seen = does 6-oneshots very regularly in war-after-war… OP writer can check his videos for some S1 hero reality information / guidance !

Here you go… :grinning:

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Guys please stop posting, or else I’ll run out of likes.

Nobody says there are no bugs (Alfrike with her cubes stopping when delivering fatal blow was only recently solved) but Lidenbrock is not one of them. Her special’s description says what: HoT (OHoT, but does not matter here) refreshes upon inflicting status effect. What talented barbarian does? Inflicts status effect, bleeding. Working exactly as advertised. We may discuss whether it is a bad design (imho it’s not, Lidenbrock is easily handled with dispellers or even just by using snipers not inflicting status effects) but it sure ain’t any bug. By the way why OP doesn’t complain about Sorcerers, who would have the same problem, is a mystery to me.

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:rofl: Good point :+1: agree

Also, a small clarification:
Downloading the game many years back but rarely playing, doesn’t translate into all those years since download = total experience in the game !

I’m too lazy for vids but its possible to beat S3/S4 with S1 only.
Win ratio over 50%


i dont know how to get this

Dear friends, sometimes forum members want the forum in order to announce their complaint. They are not interested in a discussion that challenges the validity of their complaint. At most they might use the discussion in order to echo their message, with no intention to change their mind.
I suggest leaving such members alone.


Did you miss the fact that I’m free to play? Most of mine is 4* +18 and 5* season 1. The new season 3/4 with limit broke are indeed super hard but I’m figuring it out already and my win percentage against 4800-4900+ are climbing. Heroes like proteus, c rigard, c. Sabina will shut down many of the new heroes and players who load up on buffers

A well-chosen 3-2 stack with the right synergy will still destroy these teams. Of course you cant just choose 3 random heroes of a color and expect to do well, etc.

A bad board will lose you the battle - no matter what heroes you use.

My main attack teams:
1.) Isarnia, Richard, Sonya/Magni dependent on if i need a dispeller
2.) Lianna, Buddy 4*, Caedmon 4*/ Kadellein dependent on dispeller
3.) Rana Joon Vivica
4.) Azlar, Wilbur 4*, Marjana
5.) C. Rigard, Santana, Domitia for purple

All Season 1. Usually get 5/6 to 6/6 in wars where opponents are mid 4600 to 4800

Your topic complaint seems strangely specific to me, the number of times where you bring a berserker to fight a team with prof L and the class talent activates and keeps her heal going and you don’t have a dispeller and this scenario is the singular reason that you end up losing is really very edge case.

There have been plenty of repsonses in regards to how you can handle Prof L, but if you want videos on taking 4s vs the latest defenses then I am all for that! Do you specifically want a Prof L in the defense team? Do you specifically want at least one berserker in my team? Are 3 4s enough - one S1 costume, one ninja, one circus 4*?

I use 4*s in my wars all the time, although none are S1 non-costumed. Assume all are max or close to max emblemed The list is:

  • C Rig x 1 or 2
  • C BT x 2 (one LB)
  • D’Andre (LB)
  • C Mel (one not fully emblemed)
  • C Kiril x 2 (one LB)
  • Lady Wool
  • C Sabina
  • Gullinbursiti (LB)
  • Mist

I war at top 100 level and my average war score over the last 30 wars is 252.

Let me know the exact criteria for the videos and I will record a few consecutive raids

Edit: Got bored waiting and recorded 3 quick raids hopefully meeting your criteria. These are alliance battles but it was too difficult/expensive (in terms of food) to find a Prof L team in normal raids.


4 years of playing and this is the bet argument you can come up with? Glad I came to have a laugh in the forum today!

Not as impressive as @Radar1 , but I just took down my first 5000+ TP team… using all S1s.

My team was C. Rigard +18, Tiburtus +c20, Sartana +18, C. Domitia +18, and C. Sabina +20. Don’t believe the discouragement. You can do it!


C Sabina does nothing against that team (no buffers) and she conflicts with C Rigard for the HOT buff. Curious of your choice there. Is there some reason I don’t see?

And mono is a crapshoot. You can win any team with a mono team depending on the tile gods.

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