Absolute stupidity?

You don’t have Caedmon, Sonya, Sabina or Melandor? What type of roster do you have that has Sartana, Santa, Zocc, Magni and Vivica? If you need a dispeller, swap Vivica with Sabina or Melandor. Or swap Magni with Sonya. I use 4* heroes all the time for their dispel and cleanse ability. They may not be my “strongest” heroes, but they’re sometimes my more versatile. And yes, I do raid in the 2600-2700 range.


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See I just don’t see it as a fundamental flaw. Just a challenge to work around and building a different team lineup to use against her. If you don’t have a dispelled maybe bring a Mist instead to stop her applying the HoT to begin with?

But you saying game has no flaw mechanics. And now you admit that it can be bug there? Problem is there in ONLY one bug but many. Same as I described above about bleeding from tiles and resetting skill duration. But game has no flaw mechanics… Yea good joke. :smiley:

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I didn’t say there is a bug. I’m saying that you can’t seem to build a team to deal with the defense, and complaining that you don’t have a dispeller.

Im not complaining that I don’t have dispeller for a sake. I’m complaining that you cannot control bleeds from titles as a barbarian and it always reset healing duration. If 5 heroes are buffed they healing basically never ends due to flaw of mechanics.

It’s not a flaw of mechanics though. The card is operating exactly as it says.

You work around it by dispell or not using ailments/ barbarians. If you have no dispellers or only ailment givers/ barbarians you need to work on building a set of heroes you can use instead, there are many 4 star options that can be used including S1 vanilla. It is not like those heroes needed to fight her are in some massive pay wall and unavailable.

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It’s flaw because you have no control about it. I have grave maker. I can choose when Im going to use his skill. I cannot choose when I get bleeding from titles. And reset duration of buff. That’s fundamental difference.

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That’s not a flaw, that’s just needing to think and use different heroes against her.


You can also choose whether to bring Gravemaker. Like I don’t bring Seshat when I can see a Skadi on defence.


If you really want to take Gravemaker and not have bleed, strip him of his emblems. It will make him a bit weaker stat-wise, but still a powerful hero, and more suited to your chosen style of play.

The “price” you pay for boosting stats with emblems is an unpredictable side affect - you can’t choose when to revive, dodge, summon thorn minions, pierce etc. either.


Every talent is like that. Most of the game is based on randomness. It’s hardly a flaw. Like others point out, either don’t bring a barbarian, or bring a dispeller.


I made once the the mistake to bring Gullinbursti against Skadi and I was shocked to see I got that nasty stacks from her. Since then I try not to bring druids against Skadi.

Unfortunately, I am under the impression that you are not open to a reasonable discussion and you are just interested to make accusations and not listen to other points of view.


Sure. I’ll try to take a video.

Playing for 4 years and your knowledge is pretty good???

Not even close. Ive played 3 years free to play and already have 10+ dispellers because they’re absolutely necessary. Like others said, a dispeller is all it takes to solve all of those issues. You also just took some random rainbow team without even considering what heroes to stack against. If you fed all of your S1 dispellers (free), then that’s on you for not knowing game mechanics.
I’m not going to even ask what troops you even used.

Sorry but you dont know how to play and probably think throwing money summoning heroes will solve everything.


Same goes if you use a sorcerer and he/she applies delay on Lindebrock. So you should not even use sorcerers if you are afraid of the resetting.

Exactly. I forgot on this. So two classes out? “Perfect” balance. And not only on Linderbrock on ANYONE who has her buff.

Dispeller ? Sure hahaha they don’t charge their skill and they are dead. If they are not S3, Wake up. You have absolutely 0 chance with S1 heroes or even 4* dispellers against S3 or S4.

Then I must be a mythical unicorn, because I frequently attack PL defenses with C. Rigard, Tiburtus, Sartana, Domitia, and C. Sabina. For those of you scoring at home, that’s five - count 'em, five! - S1 heroes (aka my usual purple stack, as I’m FTP). And my win rate against PL defenses is non-zero. Not sure what it is, as I’m not a meticulous record keeper, but saying it is impossible, or even especially difficult, is just inaccurate. I don’t even consider myself to be a great player, and I’m also just coming up on my three-year game anniversary, so you’ve been at this longer than I have. If I can do it, you can do it. This is turning into a REALLY bizarre rant.


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