Absolute stupidity?

Healing from prof. Lendebrok is reset if target receive status ailment.
This include just normal BLEADING from barbarian class. So bleeding is what damage 6-10? but healing is 200 and basically never ends? Because you have no power over bleeding just from tiles attack. Totally stupid. But I’m not surprised actually. In this game is soooo many stupid mechanics and odds.


It’s more of a testament to how much Barbarian’s wound talent sux more than anything else, especially compared to other classes.


What? 5 turns to do one tiles worth of damage is awesome!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Bring a dispeller against her. Emblem Sabina is enough.

Also, Barbarian class is mediocre +3

Good luck.


Or, bring mono purple and squish her before she can cast (helpful).

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Actually, Barbarian’s bleeding can be very helpful for titan fights, especially if you have large damage boosters like Wu Kong. I sometimes can do 500+ bleeding damage per turn at titan fights.

Pics or it didn’t happen


While emotions - sentiments are normal & I feel them regularly… I am unable to find anything STUPID in the way you have described PL heal which can become non-stop if ailments keep coming.

If you check the latest HoTM AleXandrine videos … her heal is equally powerful till ailments keep coming & once ailments stop, she can be killed in very simple way… easily !

The REAL reason these unique type of heroes are supposed spark is a CREATIVE / INNOVATIVE approach to playing & NOT the same OLD style of play !


  • Don’t take “QUICK” ailment giving class / heroes to deal with PL or AleX…
  • Hold the ailment for a turn or two… like many players hold a few turns to let costume Kadilen dodge get over…
  • One more idea given #below
  • Try something else & share here

At times, every aspect can’t be avoided… which is what makes E&P playing a wholesome experience…

Finally, Have you tried #Dispelling that non-stop heal ?! :wink:

Happy playinG !


Did you even read it? You have no control about bleeding from tiles. And it ALWAYS reset duration of healing. Do you understand how that skill works? If you have five heroes buffed and you put bleeding accidentally from tiles on them their healing is reset and you have no control over it. It’s not about bringing debuff hero it about flaw of game mechanics.

There’s this thing called dispel. With it, Lidenbrock heals for 350 HP and that’s it, bleeding or no. Of course not everytime there will be dispel available when she fires, but that can be said about pretty much each aspect of the game.


I have PL = I do know all of that…
have been tackling PL since she came out, while I started using her only 2 weeks back !

There are other heroes also who have that reset aspect to their special.

You seem to be interested in ONLY complaining = You haven’t read my above comment… which explains, there is nothing wrong with the hero OR the special
it is FuN to have such heroes that enable thinking … smart team selection + PlayinG !!

There is no flaw in game mechanics = just smart play needed & all players gotta pay for actions - accident to not !

So, will leave you with your complainT !


Where I suppose to take dispel when I don’t have it? You defending fundamental flaw in game mechanics.

Btw. Explain this also. Vanda has over 1000hp but her health bar is empty. You defending game full of BS.

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No flaw in mechanics? I have gave you a picture below you can explain it. I gladly will read what you going to tell. :-DD

If you don’t have dispell in any heroes she is harder to deal with, but if your roster doesn’t have dispell at all you will struggle against lots of lineups.

The other option if you don’t have dispell heroes is to make sure you don’t use ailments against her and work on team buffs instead

That’s the problem what I’m talking about. You have no control over bleeding from barbarian class. It ALWAYS reset duration of the skill. Just from tiles attack. You cannot do anything to prevent bleeding from tiles coming from barbarian class.

Totally wacky idea I know but…maybe don’t use barbarian heroes if you can’t bring a dispeller due to not having any?

Now if your only heroes you can use are limited to barbarians and no dispell then well…


Because it fundamental flaw in game mechanics. Her skill not suppose to reset from barbarian class bleeding. I skip her in raids. :frowning:

Well, my previous comments are pertaining to PL & your OP… but, you clearly have issues about:

  1. Lack of understanding of this game = watch YouTube videos to learn… many do that early on !
  2. Lack of heroes that dispel or maybe you might have one but don’t know… so read point-1 & do summons to get the dispel heroes…
  3. You have issues to look at info being provided to help you & are trying to be smart without any logic …= so can’t help you…
    laugh all you want… but seems many of us are enjoying this game the way it is supposed to be
    instead of empty complaints (which is now absolutely clear) you may want to learn instead of trying to prove some imaginary point which won’t help your game play in any way = lead to more rants, complaints & other related emotions !

If the game has a bug which you’ve discovered, there is a way to report it instead of cribbing here… !

:wink: :grinning: there you go !


Sorry I’m playing for 4 years. My knowledge of game is pretty good. But I still didn’t read your explanation of my picture above. Your knowledge of game must have explanation I think no? So please enlighten me! and explain this picture.