Enjoy the trip and the time off.

Norwegian Blue? Have you been pining?

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Thanks @nevarmaor , so far so good :slight_smile: it’s mister sleepyhead’s first time in the Americas and in the tropics, he’s having the time of his life


Have a great, relaxing time @Steve9999 @JGE ! Enjoy disconnecting !

@L33tVortex12596 , hugs, it’s always sad when a game friend leaves… hope they’re doing well


Have an amazing time visiting my fjords! Very jealous. I haven’t had a chance to visit them since designing.

I’m due for a break myself. Feeling a little burnt out. You may have inspired me.

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Haven’t you entered the Amazon rainforest yet?

There are no piranhas in the sea… :roll_eyes:

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Are you trying to rush my vacation??? :stuck_out_tongue: do you really really really want to see piranhas? Maybe you can see them when you’re here :wink:

(Just left the amazon rainforest)

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I don’t think I’ll ever go to Amazon rainforest. Allergic to mosquitoes and a little scared when I saw a giant anaconda… :laughing:

I’ll send some piranhas, anacondas, Caimans, termites and jaguars your way soon… :wink:

But anyway: amazon rainforest


And while it was beautiful, we’re both still city boys at heart - so off to Mexico City with a stopover in Bogotá


Mexico City - so far, it’s late and we’re tired


This is the Mexican version of Hawkmoon’s costume? :smile:


Ask the ancient Aztecs :wink: or better, the one who made the art :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit sad that Halloween has got everywhere :no_mouth:

They’re celebrating Día de Muertos here, not Halloween. They have their own culture and traditions, after all :wink:

Granted, some tourist trappy places have elements of Halloween included, but the hotel where I’m staying at has at least kept it “pure” and Halloween free.


I know el dia de los muertos but I also see cheap Halloween merchandise :no_mouth:

It’s only a matter of time, like it has been in most of the world: theoretically it should be All saints’ Eve for me but I’ve had to put a basket of candies at the door nonetheless :roll_eyes:

Well, it’s been 28 days, so I guess I attempt a comeback tomorrow whe PoV and PoG tick over.

I think I did pretty well staying away from the game and the Forum. I popped in occasionally, but nothing significant (although I couldn’t resist raiding to get to Number 1 in Norway :grin:)

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.
I really enjoyed the holiday and real life.
It certainly has given me pause for thought as to how I allocate my time.


The Atlantic Puffin is now considered to be facing danger of extinction | Icelandmag.

Apparently also in the forum…
But maybe you can use your free time to preserve the species. :smirk:
Whatever you do, have fun. I would miss you if you actually left us.