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Hello All,

So I am currently in an alliance that is active with 29-30 members, however, the leader has mysteriously been inactive for over 40 days. Is there a way to boot the leader and replace her with the co-leader? We really don’t want to form a brand new alliance but would much prefer to just switch the leader, who does not appear to be returning, sadly.


I have had that happen. We ended up creating a new alliance and everyone moved over to the other one. Tip. make sure you tell everyone what the alliance name will be before you leave to create it.

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@FinalFlash sorry, there’s is no way to stage a coup d’etat. As the first responder notes, your only options are to

A. Ignore the problem and just keep going.
B. Form a new alliance and get everyone to move over.

That’s disappointing :confused:


@Kerridoc So we couldn’t submit a support request to have it changed?

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2 Part answer: Yes, you can always submit a support ticket. No, it will not be changed.

This is a common request and one that I wish was prioritized. Dead alliances hamper any game, especially newbies. IMO it would help greatly if the cleaned out dead alliances and made replacing absent leaders possible


Okay. Thanks for the info, everybody.

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