About Wu Kong in offense team

Hi everyone,

Just want to know your thoughts on WuKong in offense team.

I know he is pretty essential with titan but i don’t have a really good yellow character ( Justice 60/2 and Li Xiu )

Can you tell me if he can fit on a rainbow offense team or sould i go with someone else ?

Thank you all

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Try him out. It’s an all or nothing proposition with Wu on offense. But he can let you have some quick war battles

If he buffs and none of your following attacks miss, it’s a quick raid/war win. If they miss at a crucial moment, it’s pretty rough…

IMO, it’s not worth using Wu with mana reduction, mana control, silence heroes like Chao, Li Xiu, Proteus, Hansel, Peters, etc. You’d want to be able to control those and get definite hits. Best with snipers as their mana charge up faster.

Wu is great on offense when you are still running 4* teams. The AOE hitters are better with him than single shot heroes so at least some hit. The chance to miss is very annoying though. I only use him in Titan battles these days

I would agree. I’ve stop using him in raids/war as I prefer to control the hits. Used Wu with Colen and the misses were painfully frustrating. I used to run 3 snipers alongside Wu and just focus fire on a single target until it’s down or close to, then move on to the next target. Was a better strategy for me. But now that I run BT and Wilbur, Wu doesn’t figure at all in raids. Still got to use him in war though and hope for the best…:persevere:

O… Pairing him with Jackal is fun though…:grin:

Wu Kong is pretty good when attacking heroes that let you charge your mana, like Kashhrek, Delilah and other defensive tanks. With more offensive tanks you could actually want another healer or a fast sniper.

It could work for your rainbow attacks but when I had him in my attaking team I were doubling an element to have a massive damaging color to unleash on my foes.

My team rn is :

Sartana / Grimm / Kashhrek /Wu Kong / Wilbur

If i want to replace Wu i can with Rigard / Aegir / Azlar / Li Xiu / Justice / Gretel / Kiril / Caedmon / Evelyn / Lancelot.

But i don’t know what i need…healer ? Sniper ? Buff ?

Yes. When using try to hit exclusively stronger teams. You will find it very satisfying after winning the raid. :joy:

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