About war features: suitable opposing alleance- Matching broken?

I have to thank you about this new feature, war.
Anyway, according to your details about war: “All Alliances are automatically matched against a suitable opposing Alliance. The goal is to match Alliances of similar performance”, we are matching against very stronger teams.
It could be acceptable when the difference is less than 10% of the whole team power.
Indeed, in the last war and the next one we are matched against teams stronger than 15% and 20%.
Please, could you verify this issue? Thanks in advance

You can do a simple check.

Look at both alliances “Titan Score”, if its ±5k, then matching is currently correct.

If it is outside of the ±5k range, its a corner case.
1: You just killed or let a titan go.
2: They just killed or let a titan go.
3: A combination of 1 and 2.
4: A matching bug (This is the unlikely of the 4)

As for the question of equal matching, I’m assuming SGG are continuously somewhat tweaking their algorithms to improve matching. Its still pretty hit and miss with respects to 1-3.

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I don’t think the matching is +/- 5k for the vast majority of alliances.

Almost all the ones that I saw when looked at right after the matching were very close to one another… the top 10 should be ignored from that standpoint, though now that we’re on titan score, we’re all pretty equivalent anywhere around the 80k inflection point.

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Thank you for the answer.
It’s correct, the difference was within the +/-5k for titan value.
Anyway, i don’t think this value means suitable teams, because not all the members could partecipate in killing titans.
I suggest you also to consider the power of each team member to define an equivalent score. In the last war the opponent team had an average power of 3000 point, while our was less than 2600 (this score should also be better than won cups).
What is your opinion? I think you may have already consider this point.
Again thanks a lto for keeping in mind my suggestion.

L’abbinamento di alleanze per la guerra è imbarazzante… Una cosa vergognosa che fa passare la voglia di combattere… Noi 70000 come possiamo giocarcela contro sei 83000 o 90000 è vergognoso… Ma che parametri ha sto gioco??? È la terza guerra che c’è la giochiamo assolutamente in inferiorità palese…