About WAR - chest war .please do somthing. Administrator!

I am new here,on fotum, i like very much this game and apreciate the work for create this game , but i have some question, sugestion here.
The most comunicative, fun moments and discution on my alliance is when is start the war.
I play every day this game , but i am very upset because the war. We cant claim a war chest in this year i think , because we are a low alliance, but the start of 1 war takes days or weeks. i dont know why.?
The second is the drop , i claim 20 heroes epic training level13 base +3 epic token , and i win zerooo epic heroes, only 3 * , incredible. I am upset because the war and my question is .
When you try to focus on the war? to play wars more fast, not 2-3 wars at mounth , we claim a chest war in 2019 , administrator can you do somting. A BIG problem at is in monday_fryday when the war finished at 12:00 at Europe and we are at work . Sory about my bad english , In this mount i play 2-3 wars . I want ta answer when you acordind important update for the WAR. The game is updatining very much but war is down every time. I apreciate the work , tanks for tthis free game , but the most funniest moments is in the war when all try to be online and comunicate. Is abusrd to play 2-3 wars in month. for a chest war who win after 4-5 mounth.

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I think they also must compensate latest war bug with granting all players 5 war points

I dont want anytihing because war bug, but we wait weeks for 1 war , matchmaking, starting, i thing is 1 war in 1-2 week, we are far away from first war chest.

I don’t really understand your post Mihai?! What do you mean by:

There is a war starting every four days I think, anyway a lot more than two or three a month. There has to be some kind of misunderstanding here…

As for the TC13 trainings, keep at it. 4* heroes will come, that is 100%. Just need to be patient. I must agree that 20 trainings with no epic hero must be frustrating but your luck has to change sometime. 3 epic tokens is very little, I wouldn’t have expected any epic heroes there…

Typically, yes - there is a schedule for wars twice weekly. However, there have been as many updates as wars over the last couple months, and those updates always replaced a scheduled war.

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Tanks, for understanting me. The wars is a dream here if we play 1 at the week is good.

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