About Tiburtus' and Kelile's bulk

Both are offensive 4* who also have decent to high DEF, but low health, with Kelile having the lowest health of all 4* in the game. Yet, I thought they are very sturdy against tile damage, but recently, I’ve seen a post about Tibs not being that hard to kill despite being liked BECAUSE of his DEF !?

It’s not that that his defense lowers his damage, it’s that heroes of the same rarity have similar total stats, so heroes with more points in defense tend to have fewer in attack, and therefore deal less damage.

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I used Keli for a long time in my main attack line, until recently I replaced her with Boldtusk. As I was happy with Keli’s performance, I must admit that BT is a lot more resilient to damage and has an almost perfect special skill. His boosting of Gormek and Colen pretty much solves all offensive raids for me. As for Tibs, don’t know much about him, he is the one missing from the ramming pulverizer trio.

“Tankiness” is a complicated mix of the Damage and Health stats. To a good first approximation, a simple “Tank” measure is 2*Defense + Health – that is, one point of Defense is about the same value as two points of Health. (Notice that in the Talent Grid, this is exactly the ratio of the tradeoffs you need to make between Health and Defense at various points.) That puts Kelile at 2307, about middle of the pack. Tibertus is at 2311, nearly identical, which lines up with your impression that they’re similar in durability.

This excellent post by Kerridoc will help you get a feel for how different heroes compare in durability. It’s a really nice methodology.

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Using that methodology, Keilie and Tibertus are also neck-and-neck, with Kelile able to take 2.145 Sonya hits and Tibertus 2.154.

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Wise man say the only words that really matter in a sentence are those following the word “but”… This theory is 100% accurate, “but”… only against classical direct damage. Nowadays there are lots of heroes whose damage bypasses defense, like the vampires, Natalia, Morgan La Fay, Lady Loke, Proteus and just as many that, beside the initial direct damage, cause a decent amount of DOT, which also disregards defense values, like Azlar, Colen, the OP’s Kelile and many others. So, it comes down to this: what should we concentrate on while choosing the talent grid nodes? Health or defense?

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You can add Azlar and Kelile and Sartana to that list.

Tile damage is 100% vs defense though, slash attacks are too, and the vast majority of special damage is mitigated by defense. The vast majority of titan damage goes against defense too. I wouldn’t spend too much time fretting Proteus’ or Victor’s paltry DOTs against defenders, when color stacked tiles will be eating your lunch every last raid your defense faces.

For your defenders, +Def is almost assuredly the way to go. For offense, the question is a lot more subtle.

If you have only a few heroes that you always use, pick defense over health. It’s the most generically beneficial choice. If you have offensive specialists heroes, though, there’s definitely a strong case to be made for preferring +Health on many heroes.

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