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Dont do that man…the game gives as it sees…

Elena needs a buff she is the poster child for this game she should be the strongest hero along with richard and vivica


Please buff up Quintus!

The pro community thinks he’s sad, and I’m with them. Could you either make him deal way more damage than 270% at most, or up his mana speed to average-fast? That would be fantastic if you do. Thank you!

Original Quintus (and his existing costume) could definitely use a little help (not just “chase his second costume someday, hehehehe”), I mean

Quintus costume
Special (Slow): 235% damage to all, -34% attack to all


Guardian Panther costume
Special (Fast): 280% damage to all, heinous EDD: purple to all, blocks status buffs to all, Teltoc family bonus, better during Challenge Festival, goes back in time and eats your enemy’s lunch from yesterday


On a side note, any word on whether all this feedback is being considered? There are a lot of threads and megathreads (and poor forlorn Vela is still leading the pack amongst individual threads for a buff so far) by this point.

Will buffs arrive before soul exchange? I wanna sacrifice non dupes but now im not sure. As c2p i havent top much 5* for exchange :roll_eyes:

I’m surprised to see so many on this thread say that Onatel needs a buff…I have been using her on my defense since the moment I pulled her when she was the featured HOTM. I know she isnt top tier, but she is still an amazing hero. I know her attack stat is low, but she makes up for it in survivability. Her special damage % is on the lower side, but I feel her biggest asset is her mana control anyway. Dont get me wrong, I will take a buff for her as long as the mana control part of her special DOES NOT change! Lol

Vela should get a buff. If you compare here an Tethys, you can directly see the imbalance in this game.
And there is also no costume for here available

Agree completely, all season 1 slows should be bumped up! Start with Elena!

My issue with a buff thread is there isn’t any buffs will come unless it leads to some sort of revenue

We’ve already seen this game play out with the idea of balancing heroes behind a paywall with costumes.

I’m waiting to see Nemo’s costume read what Tahir is.

What do I think would be fair, an example would be to balance gaining 50% of the statistical difference between the current level after a season has completed.

Hulda was the last released hero for S4 and I think she was 816. That was a 61 point difference that say Vivica at 755…Even if you buffed Vivica to 785 without the costume, she would be usable despite her speed in many cases and with the costume, she would be about what was released.

If they really want to get serious and keep the people happy, stop making costumes and balance all the older heroes with stat buffs. The specials are soooo much better with what is being release and this will keep the whales happy while the minions will feel like they haven’t been forgotten.

S3 and S4 heroes that need a change almost out right are Nemo and Thor. I know this because I have them. They’re not good and supposed to be the headliners for each season which is really sad. Myztero also for something that was supposed to be really “special” was extremely poorly designed