About the gifts of the Christmas season 2018

Perhaps people should be thankful for what they get instead of complaining about things that don’t matter. They could have decided to do nothing. Then people would have complained about that. I personally thankful for anything free. I am sorry some people are not very grateful and don’t understand what a gift is or means.


So… 500 gems and 3 epic troop tokens for $5 this year, instead of 2 epic troop tokens? :wink:

We’re going to be spinning friend, I appreciate a gift when
the gift is up to the players. As a player I am Loyal and active,
and believe me it will sound bad, but I do not appreciate that
hey give me a small potion, an arrow and a gray voucher,
It does not represent a quality gift, but as I told you, it is my opinion.
Honestly if I could not take it I would not take it, but I take it because
I open it with the hope that now I have something good. It does not
even represent a monetary effort or a danger to give
something better as a golden token or a large mana or a stop of time.
The company its not broken

41 million raised february 2018.
Its a greath game but please, please better quality gifts do not represent any
danger for developers and is a good incentive for players,
especially for those who do not have money to invest in the game, the most unprotected.

Maybe you should wait until the end of the month before you come here to complain. :wink:


Do not take this as a complaint, it is an observation, which I hope maybe can be usefully, but it will not happen while the conformists sabotage the purpose of this post.

Last year the last two free gifts were 1 of each token and 1 of each flask respectively, so I’m expecting the next freebies to be better…

Disgusting attitude.


My course is set on who’s who for leveling and D teams. I’m gonna be snarky and say it doesn’t matter since the token pull will be a 3*.

If I have to chose between Liliana and MN or Evelyn all of the sudden for a 5* green after I’ve gotten a solid team that I want to work on in mind, that would be my luck.

In conclusion, I’m happy either way, my only expectation is that my happiness is somehow thwarted.

All I need it two telescopes, there has only been one available to buy. It was only one and was in the $100 package. I just want a -$10 tele deal. Other than that free stuff is always great. People who are complaining, I’d advise not being so obtuse.

This is a year old thread.

No one is complaining in this thread this year.


Since there were nice hunters lodge gimmicks, that I haven’t researched yet due to ham costs.


Yup, the Hunter items were a nice touch. Although they are practically worthless, it’s still something new for most.

Still I didn’t use any, because I just find that mana pot much more reliable than “hmmm maybe I will take that hurricane because maybe the board will be bad and maybe when I use the hurricane it will be better”.

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The items especially the caltrops can win some mats and/or emblems for those of us not yet being able to beat the heavy stages.

Hey man, walk softly when criticizing SG about what they provide for free. I agree that it’s difficult; however, the last 2 Holiday Sunday free pulls included a 4* ascension mat! That has never happened & if we’re gonna give credit to where fault is due…let’s give them credit when credit is due. Thank you SG!

Edit: Sunday Dec. 22nd (Saturday Night)

Sunday Dec 15th (Saturday Night)

…that reward is too far back to pull up, but trust me, it was similar, with a 4* mat.

Its possible you’ve been playing so long & so irritated about the obvious, that you’re clicking through & not noticing everything.

We’ve been asking for 4* mats for awhile…and we’re starting to occasionally get them.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays!

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Realized this wasn’t current afterwards, tried to delete, but it takes 24 hours. I’m embarrassed, but is what it is. Hahaha


It happens, no worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since this is an outdated thread, I’m going to direct discussion to this year’s thread: 🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event


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