About the gifts of the Christmas season 2018

What do you think about the gifts of the Christmas season?

My personal opinion is that I find totally useless and meaningless gifts, I would like better to put some promotion of 2 dollars, assuming they can not give users a decent gift that does not harm the dignity of the players, but this is my personal opinion, I suppose there will be players who are very content and pleased.


Anything free from SG is going to be useless, as giving anything worthwhile would take money out of their pockets.


Are you seriously complaining about something you got for free? How entitled is that?


Omg people complain over free stuff - what‘s wrong with you guys. If you took a MINIMUM of effort and searched the forum you would know that there is a HIGH chance that you will get FREE flasks and golden Coins later on the calender. But it might be worthless so better don‘t claim it🤷‍♂️




Are you seriously complaining about something you got for free? How entitled is that?

I agree completely


I’m a beginner and am playing fairly cheaply. I appreciate the small gifts greatly. I can’t craft a lot of the items I get yet.

Is it disappointing to get something really small (just got a mana potion and 1 gem from a mystic vision)? Sure. But it was free.


Give them to me if you don’t have uses for them, thanks :wink:


Wasn’t expecting much more from the first four sundays. Maybe different items and not again a silver token like the previous one, but not much more value the same.
And i don’t want to complaing for now, but i’m looking forward for Christmas and new year.

Everything less then a hero token, troop token, and 1 flask for each color would be really disappointing.

I tend not to look a gift horse in the mouth…FREE is …wait for it…FREE

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I made the post to propose up the Quality of the gifts. If anyone really enjoy the actual gifts its ok i dont have problem with this.

Who knows maybe we will get on 25th one or more 4* ascension item as Christmas present.

Funny thing is the epic token gives you 1.5% chance of getting a 5* hero, and they are so hestitant to give it as if it was a full roster already maxed out :wink:


I’m more curious about the offer from the 26th to the 30th! :thinking:

The free offers are usually pretty mediocre but you can expect one of em to be pretty good. During the sand empires seasonal event the last freebie was 1 of each flask. That’s a good freebie!

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Seriously O.o people are complaining about a free gift… you don’t have to accept it. Personally I am thankful for the gift… its not much but it was a gift and wouldn’t slap them in the face for it. Don’t like there free gifts simply don’t accept and move on. I am telling ya the new generation of gamers send shivers down my spine.


From what I remember we can expect atleast

1 free gift of flasks

1 free gift of 1 of each token

And hopefully the last one is even better

If the next one is farmable trash again I’ll be very disappointed

I agree with you…
At least until now

The post its maded to propose up the Quality of the gifts, if u like the gifts u get keep for yourself.

to me tomorrow’s gift would be awesome if it was a AM chest just like in Atlantis. Well, one can dream after all it’s christmas
btw even when I get 1 gem from mystic vision i am happy

I believe it will be one offer that you can get 5 times and i hope it’s a really good one :blush:
they could throw us a bone after the 560mil deal :wink:

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