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any reason for what not come new heros in tc 20? we are in season 3 so will be lovely if the hero of season 2 come to tc 20, I will love but I think empires just think in money and no in the players be happy


Money is the reason. 20 of monies.


Ignoring my own 180 pulls wo single 5* hero streak from TC20 - current TC20 is so outdated, that it might only work as food / recruits storage.
I better not try to picture life of FTP players which have to rely on smth like current TC20.


Over time I’ve got most of S1 heros, missing Liana, Magni and Sartana and Khagan. Figured I will get those from HA10 easier than in TC20. Maybe I’ll turn back to it to store some food and recruits, but I’m still building advance buildings so my savings are low anyway. Don’t use it anymore. While I was using it, got Elena and Kadilen.

If it stays the way it is now, I don’t see any use of it other than storage. :slight_smile:

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I am still optimistic. We have yet to see an advanced structure for TC20, do we? Who knows, those 4 TCs may be having an advanced training camp where S2, S3, challenge event and seasonal event heroes may be trained. They may have also a level there where you can dispose of dupe 4* and 5* heroes to a hero of equal rarity, i.e. dupe HOTM/s to a different HOTM, event hero/es to a different event hero, etc. For all we know, it might be in the works and SG is just mum about it.

Just spreading positivity, guys. The world is better that way.

And, oh, by the way, welcome to the community forum, @pilla-feo !!


I don’t know… I kind of consider the Hero Academy as the TC advanced structure, as I consider the Hunter’s Lodge as the Forge advanced structure.

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Well, I won’t convince you otherwise if that is your perception on the game. If I have that kind of train of thought, then maybe I had quit this game a long time ago. Hope your family and friends are able to cheer you up. It helps lighten the mood and find light in all this darkness.

Was this an answer to me? Because I have no idea how this relates to my post.

@Ultra is bringing up ideas from which where a great player base was hoping what Hero Academy was going to be able to accomplish, but as the current implementation of HA is, it hardly fits that bill. Some of those levels are just big :man_facepalming: moments (I mean, how many players, who has managed to accumulate enough resources and base building to be able to upgrade the Stronghold to 25, to be able to get enough Iron / Food Storage to convert a building in a Hero Academy, to be able to do the research, and still be needing Season 1 Epic Heroes? It just doesn’t make sense).

I would re-throw some of my thoughts of what I had wanted to see with the game here.

  • Move all the Troop Related Functions that’s currently in the Hero Academy (training troops, retrain troops) over to the Barracks. You don’t even need to convert it to an even more advanced version because it is currently maxed out at Barracks 10, there is still level 11 to 20 you can use off of the structure and keep it under the 20. The Barracks is currently serving as a roster builder / upgrader without any additional functions, why not make it more useful? Oh, and make the Ninja Troops able to appear from the 4* retrain like when Ninja Tower first showed up.

  • The original TC levels were not all useful, there were trashy, useless, filler levels. But if the Troops can be moved from the Academy to the Barracks, it can free up some levels for actual “Hero” work, yes they can keep some filler hero levels too. I would also like to see 3* and 4* Heroes can possibly trained into S2, S3, Challenge, Seasonal counterparts.
    I was disappointed when the current HA did not have the a level to retrain 3* and 4* into non S1 ones (there is still a good number of players looking for game changers like Proteus or Wilbur), and was a bit surprised when HA10 would not include the old seasonal 5* in the list (e.g. Master Lepus, Yunan, Victor, Santa). I haven’t had very good luck as F2P when it comes to summons. The current HA lineup made it so that I could have a chance at say a Guardian Panther, but I won’t get a Guardian Falcon, unless I get lucky with the twice-a-year Teltoc, and with more events coming, maybe there would be shifts in challenge event schedules too. Going forward, maybe the revamped 3* - 5* can be added into the list as this game is pumping heroes out left and right, and there is no sign they are stopping.

  • The non-S1 heroes could be assigned to TC21 and above, or convert to the Advanced TC. Heroes of Uniqueness and Rarity can be re-trained in different levels of HA. For example, if you throw in a duplicate Guardian Bat, you could get something like a Vodnik, but not a duplicate G. Bat or a Dawa.

  • Make Costumes trainable either in Advanced TC and Retrainable in HA. Duplicate heroes / costumes of course can be fed, and make it so that the last copy of a costume cannot be trained or re-trained.

  • Perhaps make it so that once players reach a certain progress in the game, say when they unlocked Season 2 (means 14 provinces into S1, if I remember correctly), then they unlock the ability to add S2 heroes into the Advanced TC results possible, same with S3. Newer players can of course try their luck at Atlantis/Valhalla portals with gems, during the event, but if they want to use coins, they would have to unlock the seasons first and play the levels. By the time they would reach Advanced TC stage, they probably would have unlocked the season 2/3 provinces, this feature would just help to possibly shore some of the heroes they are missing (like the above mentioned Proteus or Wilbur).

In short, TC to train new heroes, HA to re-train, Barracks to perform all the Troop Related actions.


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