About Summons - December 2020

I got my first seasonal event 5* Vanda last month from a single EHT pull. I had hoped to get a Jack or Frank so I continued to use my remaining five EHT. Got all S1 dupes.

I’m curious. Once you strike hero gold, do you keep on summoning? Or stop immediately? Why?

If I can afford and it’s worth it, I do keep summoning.

Whatever your mind may tell you about signs and omens for good luck or bad luck - in the end this is all random. You may get 3 legendaries in a row, you may get none in 300 pulls. No patterns, no signs, just happens or not.

I only stop summoning if I really can’t get anything useful for me from an event, already have HotM or just hoard my resources for something I’m really after.

Of course, overdoing it is a different topic and I do end up there sometimes. Like I threw everything I gathered for months hunting for Gefjon, got Lady Loki and Freya instead… still kept going until I had nothing left. Should I have stopped after getting Loki? Well, knowing the outcome it’s easy to say so. But this back then was the best chance to get Gefjon, and even if it didn’t happen, in a way it was still rational thing to do if my goal was getting her.


I usually spend the tokens I have because there’s multiple heroes I wanted. Or if I’m really happy with my haul and the chance of dups is too high then I’ll stop. If there’s still a 3* or 4* I want I’ll spend the rest of my tokens usually. I don’t dare to hope for specific 5*s with my tiny budget. Right now I got Krampus, Frosty and Reuben already from free EHTs so I’ll probably try to save the EHTs I collect. (Who knows i might just use out of impulse though because I still would really like a buddy :laughing:)


@Suicide_Bunny So true about summoning results being random. :sweat_smile:

As a very c2p, I have limited summons. Although I was “only” after a seasonal event 3* or 4*, knowing the outcome it’s easy to say I should’ve stopped after getting Vanda.

Spotting patterns when there are none is a well known flaw in H Sapiens neural network, and the basis of many a flaky religion and raindance.

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@Itty Congrats on Krampus, Frosty and Reuben!

I managed to get a Reuben and two Frostys from EHT too. I wasn’t too interested in Rueben, but I’ll take him! :joy:

I would love a MN from Christmas but I don’t dare to hope for a specific 5* too.

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:joy: puts on tin foil hat

For tokens / coins I usually go on … as I like have planed to spend them in an particular month / event.
When it comes down to gems I am more hesitant and surely will stop.

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If i can afford it i use to keep spending(EHT not money)and pulling but only if theres something im really interested in.

In halloween event i pulled Francine and then i stopped summoning because Vanda , although shes a really good hero, wasnt a hero i really need in my roster.

In christmas ive pulled Krampus , and although hes the star of the event im still pulling due to i really need greens and my objetive is MN and Frosty.

Another example is challange events. I have pulled all the 4☆ star heroes. The last one i was missing was Jackal and i pulled him last Teltoc. From now i will pass every event and hoard lots of challange coins until i can do a x10 on Avalon or i really need the pulls to try for a worthy HOTM.

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@Lexxtarc As Suicide_Bunny wrote earlier, summon results are all random. You might need <10x or a lot more. :sweat_smile:

Nice Halloween and Christmas pulls!

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