About Summon 5* Rare Heroes

I’ve been playing this game since March 2019. I’ve summoned hundreds of Heroes in Season 2, Season 3, Challenges and Events. However, I haven’t caught any Season2, Season3, Challenge or Event 5 * Heroes for 1.5 years. I invited dozens of my friends to the game. all my friends caught hero in a shorter time than me. My friends suggested me to contact you while I was falling off the game. I have Huge effort in the game. I’m trying hard. Please help me. Where is The wrong?

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The main problem is that summoning is random. You could get a S2-3 or event hero on your first pull, or play for a couple years and see none of those heroes. If you’re spending, you just have more summons, but no guarantee.

In your case I would build tc20 asap and get the 5* heroes from the training camps. There is not much else to do to gain 5* more quickly.

I understand that all players have the same chance, but I cannot associate luck with the absence of any 5* hero within 1.5 years.
I’m a level 54 player. I’m spending time and improving the game and also i bring new players to the game. Should there be a solution to this?
If i do not buy gems and summon x 30, i cannot get 5* heroes. If you want to mean this? If i pay , can i get 5* hero ?
In this way, I am getting away from the game every day. I don’t know when but eventually I’ll quit the game.

My problem is about rare 5* heroes. I’am lvl54 player but i have no S02, S03, Event or Challenge 5* Hero. I spent ten thousands of gems… I have been playing this game for 1,5 years. I have summoned 300+ Hero on S02, S03, Seasonal Events and Challenges but i haven’t find any rare 5* Hero. İt’s not fair. İt is not about luck.

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