About storages improvement

Dear developers,
please consider the possibility to change capacity of iron storages and food storages. Long time ago i got highest lvl of all buildings including storages. So there offten situation when storages are full but farms and mines are in yellow color because no possibility to gather it. Please change the capacity of storages to dimensionless on top level.

If your storages are full, craft battle items or level troops

Hmm, do you really think i don’t know about it? There are many cases when crafting is impossible because you don’t have required ingredients. Please don’t advice if you haven’t all buildings with top level or if you not developer.

Agreed. Ran out of orihalcon and dragon bones a long time ago. Can’t even harvest the mines.

Ham side is still ok with the troops upgrade.

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I think one of the key points about posting on a public discussion forum is that anybody here is free to advise you. If you only want a response from a developer then perhaps email a developer.

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Could you please provide me email of developer and i’ll write directly? :slight_smile:
I’m writing here because games button lead here.
Additionally i don’t want evident advise because i’m asking not about advises but about rework/development. Sorry if i offend somebody.

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