About "stealing alliance name"

Guys… I have a question… maybe it isn`t “illegal”, but I consider anti ethic.

I am one of the founding member of “REBELADOS” alliance. We`ve created 5 ally:
REBELADOS /leader: Jorge Henrique
REBELADOS 2 /leader: Lukasolis
REBELADOS 3 /leader: Thor_du_Dk_&_Mari
REBELADOS 4 /leader: Sheron
REBELADOS KIDS /leader: gabipoderosa

But some people are using our alliances name to take advantage our prestige. I dont know if acceptable or not, but I consider anti ethic. It`s plagiarism.

Guys, What do you think about “copying alliance`s name”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Happens. Search Seven Days or Crystal and you’ll see a bunch of knockoffs of their names

Devs wont touch it as they have made it allowed

Same with player names

Just change your name or shrug it off


yeah… so sad…
I Think developers should create some rules to avoid those problems… :frowning:

I really want to make a “Senev days mispelling” alliance right now :face_with_monocle:


well, many want to be a rebel…as you already “occupied” 1-4, they got to chose 5…maybe a bit rude to take same alliance flag but :woman_shrugging:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :slight_smile:

(Founder of 7d)

But in all seriousness, there was a push to get a blue check mark type of verification a long time ago, just so folks understood that we are an official 7d alliance. We just let it go and considered it an honor for the most part. But, I understand the concern.


you are right!
We can consider imitation as flattery and honor :hugs::slightly_smiling_face:


Lol i considered a few options but just couldn’t bring myself to do it


that would be awesome. go for it!

There was in the past what looked to be some sort of knockoff that managed to spell seven wrong and sadly didn’t seem like an intended joke.


I was thinking of seven dogs dat farted as an alliance name, does that infringe? :slight_smile:


Whahahaaa can’t stop to laugh

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Over in #rc830 we suggest starting 7 Days Ridiculous, but we all got a bit OTT with the joining requirements, so it never got off the ground…


I still think seven days later would be funny, a homage to 2 horror movies (28 days later and the ring)


Rebelados 3 I have no other way to contact you other than to comment on this thread. Please refrain from using your alliance banner in wars to belittle the performance of opposition members by name, your behavior in your last war against my alliance upset a number of us and almost cost us members. Please consider when what you consider funny tips over into banter and bullying


If you have screenshots, you should submit a ticket to support about this, as there is a forum rule against naming and shaming on the forum. This would best be handled with support.

The incident took place in game via the alliance banner. I reported this to SG support but found there response dismissive of what I see as a serious issue in light of the current issues with banter and online bullying.

For this reason I created a forum account in the hope that I could get through to the opposition alliance and explain that what they found funny others did not.

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Well, I wish you the best of luck.

Hello Strontium… I will comunicate to R3 members. =)

There’s one ‘seven days…’ down on the list that has on their banner: “We’re not the alliance you’re looking for”. :grinning:


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