About ready to give up on HA10

114 pulls over 3 accounts - all lousy season 1 retreads, not a single other hero - what a waste of time and resources


How many special heroes do you think you should have received and how many would have made you happy?

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Firstly, wow!
3x accounts all with HA 10 - amazing :exploding_head::star_struck:! I still haven’t built it on my main account

Commiserations :sweat:. An alliance mate recently retrained Azlar for Albie - so, you just never know!


The how many heroes part is easy, with a 5% rate (prior to the addition to costumes) he should have received 5. Dunno for happiness.

I have just received 1 rare pull so far (a duplicate…), I am overdue based on odds fo a second… but I’ll keep running it, I need non-season 1 heroes.


Yes that’s about the right percentage

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I gave up on HA10 a couple of months ago on the outside chance that the devs actually implement a feasible solution for duplicates sometime down the line (not holding my breath). Creating feeder troops every few days is far more useful to me than rolling the dice for something new from HA10 once per week


If you did give up on HA10, what would you do instead? You may not be getting anything out of it, but it’s not like it’s particularly resource heavy.

With maxed farms it’s about 22-23 hours worth of food, not counting anything gained from chests, farming, raiding, watch tower etc. I have more recruits than I can deal with, with both HA6 and TC11 stacked up for years. The dupe 5* isn’t one I’m going to level and usually I just put back in what comes out. I think the (small) chance of a good 5* is easily worth those resources. I also run HA6, and the rest of the levels are pretty uninspiring, so may as well be 10. The only other thing I might use food on is feeding troops, but I find that to be much more frustrating that HA10!!


For me this would be HA9 :woman_shrugging: But I need a 5th green 4* troop and more mana troops in most other colors… I had actually stopped HA10 in favor of HA9 until they added costumes…

The other HA slot is busy building feeder troops

But I’m built out and basically have food and recruits to throw away. For someone who’s in a different stage of the game there may be a better use for the resources


I did 3 retrains and stopped, I couldn’t spare the recruits to keep it running and now I’ve been scraping to even run TC2

I’m building the last two buildings on my base and so things may adjust once I don’t have anything else to build.

Wow. I thought mine was bad at 0-27 in HA 10 All S1. Only been trying it sporadically lately. Many users in my alliance all got something within 10 pulls.

Totally understand the frustration. Between my two accounts I went 0/55. Roughly 7 months of trainings with nothing to show for it. Then, on my main, the last 3 weeks I’ve gotten two costumes. Just have to keep plugging away and the hot streak will come.

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Is it worse to get zero non-S1, or to get a non-S1 that most everyone else would love but is a dupe for a hero you hardly use?

My 4th retrain result was Alberich. Woohoo he’s awesome! Except I have one already that I’ve hardly used since getting Heimdall :roll_eyes:

No other non-S1 in 24 retrains but I did get a costume on the last one. Not one I’m super excited about - Thorne. At least I didn’t have it already


I’ve gotten grumble, alasie and Athena. Ha treats me better then 10 pulls


Don’t sleep on costsumed Thorne. He’s pretty good…really!


I took a break from HA10 some months ago, figuring that feeders will be more useful for now. I’m running level 3 troops and trainer heroes but I think I should ditch the latter and run the level 2 troops as well. My troop levels are lamentable given how long I’ve been playing, and I always have more iron than food these days anyway.

However I’d like to get back to HA10 some time, now that costumes are a possibility.

After 4 years of playing, I just got my first Sartana from HA 10. I’m sure I can use her somewhere.


my first HA10 got Ursena.


Yeah costumes have me interested in going back to HA10

I keep HA10 going because it still has better odds than any portal, specially with the costumes now available. Not too lucky myself. I only have 1 nonS1 hero (Morgan Le Fey) after about 45weeks. I did get 7 new s1 heroes that i didnt have before. As I only have Richards costume, i am looking forward to getting new stuff.

Gotta agree, HA10 is one big letdown for me.
32 weeks, and all i got was my first magni (maxed), not signle Joon or Khagan (the last two S1 iam looking for). Without non S1 aswell.
Even tho i cannot care less about recruits (got like 4k days within TC11) it still feels like total waste of time for sure. Was about to run troops there already, but the costume chance changed it fot the moment. But iam giving last few shots before i will be done with it for good.