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Hi Dear Support,
To explain with an example:
When you have 2380-2390-2399 (it is due to enemy will give how many points) cups point and your Platinum Raid Chest is between 35-40 , to fill the chest box you should win an enemy (or just take the remained points). When you win an enemy, raid chest box changed platinum to diamond. Here the problem is, the raid box do not give the rewards and box is reset.
It happened to me and no rewards were given.
For your information,
Best Regards.


Have you checked your recent activity? If it isn’t showing there then you may need to file a support ticket. You can find directions for that here:

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Yes, I have checked. There is nothing of chest reward. It is not important to me to take that rewards. I just wanted to report this bug.

Then you’ll need to file a support tickets so the devs know there might be a potential issue.

When there is a wide spread issue there is often a report back on a forum thread, but as of yet there doesn’t seem to be many people reporting this.

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