About Pirate Bosses

Thank ya’ll for chatting with me, btw. Honestly there’s a host of things I wish they’d change about the game when it comes to PVP(which depends far too much on chance). This just kinda put me over the top, since I have certain standards for games like this after having played other PTW games. It just hasn’t met my expectations in so many ways, and this was yet another failing.

As I said, I used to play FFRK, and the design of that game is sooooo well done, I honestly left it because it was TOO addictive.


If these are all your levelled characters in 8 months of playing, you’ve fallen into the classic trap of focusing on 5s over 4s. 5s are the best of course, but they take forever to level and aren’t able to build up a wide range of specials fast enough. To do that, you need to focus on 4s. I’ve been playing for 1.5 years, 6 months f2p and a year of roughly 20-40$/ month. But I focused on 4s first. I only have around 12 maxed 5s. But I have 40 maxed 4s. And you can complete pretty much every event In the game with three or four good synergy 4 mixed in with one to two 5s. If you choose to continue, I would suggest to put in time into your 4 roster. Join an alliance that focuses on roster building over hero chasing. You’ll soon see a big difference in your ability to complete game events :slight_smile: Whatever you decide, remember it’s just a game. Good luck :blush:


I think that’s actually probably the biggest failing, really. I see this boards, and lots of people supporting different things, and none of those things ever happening.

Not addressing player feedback is really, really bad for any game.

I feel your pain. Without mana control, especially purple reflect ruling out Proteus, Pirates can be more challenging than other events

After playing for over two years, events are now generally straightforward with Proteus at +20, but I did continue Pirates about ten months ago.

All the tips above are spot on, but Marie-Therese is VERY frustrating as a boss. Timestops and Hansel on stage 15 is my solution to that frustration, but if you don’t have Hansel that’s tougher

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Fair enough on the 4s vs 5s. But the game kinda pushes 5s constantly, even if they’re pretty useless unleveled and you don’t get enough of them for any real diversity.

If 4s are what is really needed to beat events, then that should be more clear - but they know 5s are where the “quick money” is at, they just don’t seem to look at long-term money as much.

Fours at +20 or thereabouts are pretty equivalent to 5s and invaluable in events, for me BT and Hansel, Caedmon and Grimm are all indispensable

This game isn’t designed for people who just want everything now and without putting any effort in. If you could have all your heroes levelled without any barriers immediately, the game would get boring pretty quick. Also, the fact that the cost of a continue increases every time is to reward hard work completing the stage (and all the things you have to do to complete the stage) rather than just buying your way through. The game is also not that PtW either-if you used gems for everything, you would have to pay a lot-so much that it wouldn’t be worth it (I imagine it wouldn’t be that fun after a while either).It actually encourages working hard to improve your roster, teams, strategy, etc-most people only buy gems to do pulls for heroes, which you still have to put in the effort to level up and gather mats for.


Yes this is true. The chase for elusive 5* and then those equally elusive items is their sales mantra. This is where having a good alliance really helps. I’ve seen a lot of newer members fall into this trap, are unable to identify key foundation heroes in each element, focus on level 2 type heroes before they get their foundation roster built, get discouraged and quit. The fact is, this game IS a slow grind. The first thing I tell a new member is forget your 5* and hand them a list of bread and butter 4*s to level!

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Two words: timestops and tornadoes.


I only use 4* for Legendary stage 15:
Wu Kong

All have 20 emblems.

Synergy is more important than star.

Proteus + mana potion can supplement that. (Not on Pirates though…)

And if you aim for higher score byvreducing the duration: Dragon Attack/Bomb Attack.


Simply wonderful advice!

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I am 9 months into the game and have no problems with finishing Legendary tier of Challenge events since last Grimmforest.
In my oppinion, your rookie mistakes are:

  • spending money, most probably in wrong places
  • spending time on leveling 5* before solid 4*
  • not saying about your troops and their respective levels
  • referring to heroes like “Noor - lvl 70” - 70 what? 1/70? 2/70? 3/70? 4/70?
  • focusing on what heroes to take to stage 15 of Legendary tier, rather than on artifacts

I can advice you to take to this battle 5 time stops, 5 axes, 5 bombs and 5 dragons - bosses will take 4500 damage, you will fire your specials and try to kill off Lady Locke first… then buy some time with time stops to kill off the rest. I finished this level in under 4 minutes.

team: Heimdall - Grimm - Brynhild - Evelyn - Vivica


Totally agree with above advices. I’ve done legendary stage with 4* only (even unmaxed) and without fancy items. Focus on the synergy, be careful with moves and using special skills and it’ll be fine. Good luck :slight_smile:

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For the last stage I used Ranvir, Li Xiu, Musahi, Li Xiu and C. Melendor and took minor potions, minor mana, super antidotes and time stops. The time stops definitely came in handy but I will admit it was a grind. The trick I used with Marie though is once Melendor was charged I would clear out some tiles on Marie’s side and charge her and as soon as she went off I would dispel her and if she went off without Melendor being charged I’d just top him up with the mana.


I failed maybe 5 times on the final stage, I’ve been playing 5 months and have 0 fully maxed 5*.

I began with a team of lady wool/Wilbur/Noor/snow white/Poseidon

Then switched to lady wool/Wilbur/brynhild/snow white/Malosi

And I blew threw all my high end items and still failed

Then I switched to bold tusk/Wilbur/lady wool/mist/Malosi and won only using axe/bomb/antiode/Mana pot.

Mana control Malosi/mist
Attack boost and def down from the reds
Lady wool as healer

Just ran through again and beat the legendary stage with the same team and items

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Last time we had Pirates event, in March, I had played just over 9 months and had spent less than $100. I had 4 leveled 5*, 19 leveled 4*, 3 5* at 3.70 and 15 4* at 3.60

I finished Pirates Legendary then with 1 5* and 4 4*: Marjana, Sir Lancelot, Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk, and Wilbur. 5 timestops, 4 super antidotes and some other items I didn’t use. I didn’t make notes of emblems or troops, but noted TP ~3600 and I currently only have 1 4* crit troop in red so there wasn’t a large troop benefit.

Level 15 bosses are annoying, but hardly unstoppable. As others have said in this thread, the key is understanding the synergy of the heroes and the weaknesses of the bosses and using tactics accordingly.

Slightly Off Topic

Looking at the Pirates heroes now, who have been around awhile, with the exception of Finley they seem so tame compared to the newer heroes.


70 is only possible at ascension 3 and 4. Pretty obvious this would indicate a 3.70 hero. Or a 4.70 if a 4* (which Noor is not).

I know your feeling , pirate is the most challanging of all challange events to me too. Its most than anything because i cant stack my purples , which c.rigs and proteus is a powerhouse.
I do have hansel and gretel but they cant develope so well in the last stage of legendary.

How i did it ? By stacking red and boosting with wu kong . Obviusly ive used lots of items. Bombs, dragon attacks , hp pots and 5 of the big mana potis.

Here the team i use to beat legendary.

Pd :
Someday, finger crossed, i will pull wilbur… :cry:

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