About Pirate Bosses

So, just a heads up to the developers. I would seriously reconsider enemies with extremely high defense who also constantly cast a regen spell.

See, I just continued like 7 times fighting the 15th level bosses in Legendary. I had a 5-star rarity team fully-leveled except for 1. Tried several different teams with the same result, except of course the bosses would 1-shot any non-legendary character.

Still couldn’t outdamage the regen/ally dispel.

So, 2 grand and 8 months into the game, I gave up and deleted it.

I understand I’m only one person and this isn’t exactly going to damage their bottom line that much. But the PVP aspect of this game already has enough flaws - you don’t need the PVE aspect of it to be head-bangingly frustrating as well, unless you really just don’t want players to stick around long-term.

So, good luck and hope you learn better in the future.

2 Grand, 8 months?? Can i have your job?
Who did you take mono or rainbow and did you use battle items? Just bomb them to bits lol
But yes it does get frustrating


Yes, I took a whole host of items every single time. They just didn’t make enough of a dent.

And I don’t have a job, I own a business, that’s why I have a lot of expendable income. 2 Grand isn’t actually that much, FFRK, which was waaaaaaay more addictive than this game, I easily spent like 500-1000 on every month.

And I took multiple different team types, mono, rainbow, etc. I don’t have a full 5-star party of mono however, just a mix of 4s and 5s, and 4s get killed in one shot usually.

You need to mana-control the healer. Hansel, Gretel, heck even Proteus if you’re desperate and can keep him alive despite purple reflect. Just don’t let the HoT healer cast her special.

The game here is strategy - not a bunch of continues…


Proteus is the only one I had of those. And yeah, keeping him alive with 2 purple reflects not gonna happen without a lot of luck.

The game is -partially- strategy. The other part, other than luck, is actually having a huge range of different classes that are actually leveled up. Which you’d think after 8 months and 2k I would already have. But, alas, luck also determines what characters you get too, so even whaling on draws didn’t matter to much, not when drop rates of any specific character are like 0.1%.

I have money to burn, but at that kind rate, I’d need to spend thousands of dollars just for ONE specific character. That’s crazy.

And I understand the idea isn’t to win with continues. The problem is, continues SHOULD be an option for when you lack certain characters. But they’ve made it so continuing is nearly pointless, not to mention it gets more expensive each time, which is the exact opposite of how similar games have worked.

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Damn - $2k and none of the good 4* from Grimforest :confused: If you weren’t pulling chocks, I’d recommend investing a few dollars to do some pulls there.

if you undelete the game, probably we can help you do this? what red heroes and what yellow heroes do you have?


Wait, you can also dispel the HoT. Sonya, Melendor, etc. Did you bring a dispeller or two? Plenty of common heroes with dispel…

Yeah, I tried different Combos - the issue with dispelling the heal is that all of my dispel characters are 4 star or lower at best, and get killed in one hit.(and yeah they’re leveled)

My leveled Characters are as follows -

Norns - lvl 80/4
Raffaele - lvl 80/5
Jean F - lvl 80/5
Evelyn - lvl 80/6
Clarissa - lvl 70
Richard - lvl 70
Vivica - lvl 70
Noor - lvl 70
Heimdall - lvl 70
Margaret lvl 60

Proteus - lvl 70
Gaderius - lvl 70
Grimm - lvl 70
Brynhild - lvl 70/9
Wu Kong - lvl 70
Li Xui - lvl 60 Costumed
Sumitomo - lvl 50

Also, if I remember correctly, color-reflect applies to abilities too, so I’m not sure Proteus would do anything.

Not sure why your 4* are getting one-shot, as I managed to complete the last stage of legendary with 3 4* heroes on my team and not one of them died or were able to be killed in 1-2 hits.

The key to dealing with Marie’s buffs is to bring multiple dispellers in your team (I had 3 as well as Mist who can block buffs), and she isn’t really a threat then. The hero to focus all your attacks on is Sargasso, as he is the one who will kill your team the quickest. Locke is easy to deal with if you bring antidotes and time your specials right. TBH, I actually had more trouble with legendary 14 than 15, as there are 3 heavy hitting bosses instead of just one.


They’re being one-shot by the pirate in the back who has like a 380% hit ability or something like that. Most of my 4-star characters don’t have a particularly high natural defense or HP.

For your team, I would have brought Eve, Heimdall, and 2 other greens, and Mist if you have her(very helpful for this event, and relatively easy to pull as she is a 4*). I don’t think a rainbow team, even if it has multiple 5* in it, could defeat the last stage easily, as specials don’t do much damage so you are mostly trying to whittle the bosses down with tiles. An attack debuffer, multiple healers, and a defence buffer will help to increase your 4*’s survivability. Also, what other 4* heroes do you have besides levelled?


Lots. Leveling just takes forever as you know. Caedmon, Little John, Boldtusk, Rigard, Jott, Gullinbursti, Fura, Stonecleave, Mist(only just got her), Mireweave, Almur, Sumle, Danzaburo, Gobbler, Wilbur, Ameonna, Chesire Cat, Agwe, Kiril, Sonya, Skittleskul, Kelite, Sir Lancelot, Cyprian, Chao, Boril, Colen, Kashrek, Gormek, Sabina, Tirburtus, Scarlett, Melendor.

Unleveled 5s are Azlar, Kunchen, and another Jean F.

Eve, Heimdall, Mist, Melendor with costume if you have it otherwise Caedmon, and Brynhild is what I would use if I were you (assuming you could have power-levelled Mel/Caed and Mist). Legendary is supposed to be hard, it is a challenge event after all. If you hadn’t given up on the game already, I would have said wait until next month and level up your heroes in the meantime, use proteus on the other challenge events until Pirates comes around again when you will have a strong enough team to defeat it. You may just need a break from the game, or maybe it just isn’t the game for you as it takes a lot of patience and grinding to improve.


Yeah. Having all the right heroes leveled for each event would of course make it easier, but you can only realistically level so many with as slow as the leveling process is.(Not even sure why leveling is so slow, doesn’t make any sense)

It doesn’t really take away from my original point though…if you don’t have 100% of the heroes needed, a game that is smartly-designed(at least in terms of profit) would allow you to power through anyway with gems.

The fact that that isn’t possible is a big oversight. I mean, this game is obviously extremely focused on profit, getting heroes the “Legit” way would take an insanely long time and still leave you lacking in a lot of ways, so obviously they push Pay-to-win a lot. It’s just that they seem to have forgotten the “win” part of that equation. The process is there, it was just so half-assed that it doesn’t work. That’s not expected for PVP, after all, other players are paying too, but it is expected for PVE. If you can’t effectively buy your way through PVE content, then the designers simply screwed up.

You have a great elemental def down in Eve plus a Hp booster in Heimdall. You also have Margaret to dodge and add to tile attack. Add in a healer. I would try to go 4-1 green with 1 being Wu Kong for attack boost to tiles. Use the initial stages to fire Heimdall multiple times and stock up on HP. Charge up all your heroes and get enough Green tiles on your board, before you enter boss stage. Take antidotes, mana potions and maybe an attack item. Take revive scroll if you are getting close but just falling short of the finish line.

I did the last level with mono yellow four 4*s - C. Vivica-Myst-Jackal-Gullinbursti-Wu. I actually benched my Joon, because I needed Wu’s buff for tiles - his inclusion, even with his miss rate, makes a difference. Gullinbursti was key to storing up massive hp and Viv to keep them alive. A few minor mana pots and Antidotes, and I didn’t have much trouble with level 15. Like someone posted earlier, 14 actually was more challenging for me as well.

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Also - I actually did try a green team. As you know though Mono teams are far more vulnerable to chance, and I just couldn’t get enough green tiles.