About money spent on the game and the heroes who never comes

Makes a few months that I play the empires and walk well disappointed with the game, because I always buy gems and have no return, my heroes are not better than those of those who do not spend. My intension when buying gems is to have heroes best, have a strong team and what is happening is that I am with a lot of hero 4-star repeated, in March at the event I spent more than £ 700,00 real and I couldn’t even a single hero of 5 stars, i’m fine discouraged, because I am now full of heroes 4-star and I have no material to evolve them. I lose several struggles because my team is not strong enough and by what I spent every month should have a team excellent. I am thinking sincerely stop playing I don’t see more sense in the game, you should rethink the way that comprwmos the heroes, including people of my Alliance just laughing at me, because I spent money in the game and my heroes are worse than those who do not spend, have heroes best would be an incentive for people spend!

Firstly it does seem like you need a new alliance. An alliance is good if it supports you and helps you achieve your aims, not to mock you.

You note that you don’t have the materials to ascend 4 star heroes. Given this, you also wouldn’t have the materials to ascend 5 stars either and may not for a while. I’ve been f2p other than the monthly vip (zero spent on gems directly) and have just about enough ascension mats to level my 4 stars slowly but not enough to fully ascend any 5 star after about 5 months I to the game.

Tc 20 is your friend if you desperately want 5 stars (though you can be very competitive with a 4 star roster). Get a couple of those pumping and you will get 5 stars over time.

Final note, a general one, thank goodness this isn’t a pure p2w game. Those games are terrible for balance. The relatively level playing field here compared to many other mobile games is a strength and has a good number parting with a few bucks here and there.


Unfortunately there is not a guarantee that if you use gems to buy heroes it will come 5* heroes…

Everyday people complain about the same subject and I think it will never stop…

You have 2 choices:

  • Accept the fact that even if you spend money in the game it doesn’t guarantee 5* heroes and continue playing with what you got

  • Stop playing.

I hope that you continue playing and in the future some 5* heroes come to you!!!

Good luck…


I also invested a little in the game in search of more competitive heroes, and with commentary that I read about it and I see the testimony of other players who have invested much more than I and when I see their teams are not better than mine, I think two sometimes if I’m still going to invest something in the game.

You spend nearly one million quid on this cell phone game? That’s a typo right? You should literally be 4200+ if not.

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$700 US on gems used for event summons would have been 26 10-pack event summons with a bit leftover to buy a few roster expansion slots to hold some of the spare keepers of your 260 heroes. (I’m assuming £700 would get you at least that much)

If that is what you did, getting skunked with no 5* heroes sounds like incredibly bad luck. Even if you spent half those gems on other things, getting no 5* heroes still sounds like incredibly bad luck from what I’ve seen.

I’m sorry to hear you had luck THAT BAD. (I’ve spent under $150 since March and I think I had pretty good luck. I’m happy with my team and what I spent on it.)

The other half of your complaint–not having the materials to ascend your 4* heroes, that part is less a matter of bad luck, although luck is involved there too.

This game makes those materials hard to get, and the most effective ways to get them are all in playing the game, not by spending money on them. If that wasn’t the case, free players would be skunked and would all flee this game.

Even if you had a dozen 5* heroes starting out, you would probably be better off developing your first 5 or better 10 4* heroes before you work on the 5* heroes. 3* ascension materials are rare enough; 4* materials are much rarer. And it costs you a lot more resources to level up a 5* than a 4*; To be able to level a 5* at a reasonable pace, your stronghold, farms, mines, training centers, should be hitting upper teen levels when you start.

In my alliance, our top player has spent exactly ZERO on the game, but has been playing the longest. His team is way stronger than people who spent nearly as much as what you did. We have another top player in our alliance who spent 15-20 total. He just got his first 5* hero out of TC20 in the last couple weeks. He is also one of our strongest.

While you don’t have the 5* heroes you WANT, you should have an excellent selection of 4* heroes. Free/low cost players may still be working with 3* heroes, or the 4* heroes they have…which may not make a very effective team together.

With that kind of purchase, you have the luxury of picking a very good 4* team without having to “make do” with any of the mediocre/bad ones, etc.

May I add this here?

Read through it. I think it’ll help you.


Here’s an idea stop buying gems and spending money on the game.

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Change your alliance if you are being mocked. Find a group of decent people, there are many. I do feel after spending £700 sg would have given you a stack of good heroes, I can say with confidence they are not that bad. If they were then they would have no fan Base right now. What I’m trying to say is don’t exaggerate because there are a lot of us here that have also spent money and know your claims to be unjust. Okay maybe we all may have lost a few gems here or there on trying to get certain items but £700 and no 5*? It’s hard to believe. I’m sorry if I offend and it is not my intention. I’m just a fan voicing against what seems to be untrue. I’m sorry. :blush:

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By the way, if your Alliance laughs at you, then they’re not for you.

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Its not 700 US but 700 Reais from Brasil. Around 200US. But only in one event

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Globular, it doesn’t matter. I found out part of the Brazilian community to be pretty toxic. I’d suggest you to move to a non Brazilian alliance that will support you more.

I am a new player and love the game, but SMG have lost me as a future investor in this game. I Spent £60 getting gems (some from flash sales) did 43 summonings and for my return I get 4 teir 4s and 39 teir 3s, not a single 5. Sorry but that is a ridiculous return and I will not invest another penny.

A real shame as I would have continued investing if I believed it was worth while.

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A few posts above there’s a link to my thread about Gacha. Please read it, I think it’ll help you understand things better.

Im in Cleia´s alliance… Personally i think its a nice, friendly, cool and drama free alliance. We are a mix of Portuguese and Brazilian people.
For me so far so good, can´t say nothing bad

The summoning is a lottery, and what I think aggravates people is the absurd cost of the gems in this game, far beyond any I have seen in other games, specially what is basically a match 3 game, embellished with some rpg trappings. People talk a lot about strategy, and there is some involved, but basically it all depends on dumb luck. It also does not help that there is so much hyper about 5*s and hotms. Everyone gets into a frenzy to get them, specially new players, that will get stuck with no ascension mats for months, creating more frustation.