About limit breakers

I think beta testers are used mostly to identify bugs before new releases. Something all software companies do and have been doing from the beginning
When it comes to feedback regarding the actual release of new products and features their opinions are immaterial and will never be considered.
These aspects are determined by a company’s short and long term objectives which are again governed by strict financial considerations and no amount of feedback will alter them
Zynga is in the process of acquiring the remaining 20% of SGG and the amount to be paid is to be determined on performance; which translates to financial performance and ultimately profits. Payment is to be made in three installments. The first was done in 2020 and was valued at 122million. The second was done recently in May, valued at 240 million. The third and final installment will be made sometime next year and the game is expected to cross the 1billion mark. Its acquisition is already at 922 million and next year it will be well over 1 billion
You start talking about a million here and a million there suddenly you’re talking about real money; and that’s the driving force behind everything. Every single feature introduced is a money generating aspect with the single aim of driving up that valuation price as it did this year. Even the Telluria/Vela nerfs were done in order to generate revenue. What, do you guys think that the sole reason was simply to avoid game stagnation? SG doesn’t care about your feelings and your sense of fairness. With that move players were forced to move away and spend more money on the new Krampus, Ninjas etc etc so they can stay relevant
Am not trying for a moment to diminish the contribution of beta testers and the contributions of countless players in this forum. Their actions are driven by a genuine love for the game and a strong, admirable sense of community building. I am grateful and thankful for those contributions because they are the ones who gave me the knowledge and means to progress in my game
Unfortunately though this is the harsh reality


_i dont mind limit breaker but make the price of 100 gems equivalent to a quarter !!! otherwise im losin apetite playing this game and so many others!!!

Awesome idea. Make your favorite heroes more powerful. We’ll see how they handle the expense and the P2P part of it, but I’m all for power creep. I’m not one to fight the inevitable anyway.

With this requiring 60 items (several of them of a new 5* rarity – does that mean there’s a 0.01% chance to get them in chests?), it’s going to be several years before (at least I) will ever have the mats together for a limit break in one color. Because I know I’m going to get all my 5* in one color and in that color never see a 4*. As long as they don’t sell them (big optimism there), we won’t see limit-broken heroes for a good long while, unless the aether quests are far more generous than any other regularly scheduled quest.

With the growing division between high-spenders and low-to-no-spenders (defenses uniformly 4700+ versus defenses close to 4600), this seems just calculated to frustrate:

  1. the high-spenders, who see a lucky free or cheap player limit break their S1 heroes and obliterate the ninjas they spent $5000 on.


  1. the low-to-no-spenders, who will spend even more of their raiding time on the reroll button.

I don’t see it really benefiting anybody.


What type of self respecting game programmer thought of these Uber emblems…when after all aren’t emblems just limit breakers?

Honestly just reading about them makes me upset and seeing the universal negative feedback is disheartening.

It really seems as though SGG just “own goal-ed” themselves. No one was asking for this and no one is happy it is here.

Why not release something people actually like…what about 250k food bundles for $1 or $2.50 available on the regular…i would pop that on occasion and not feel Terrible.

I have to look in the mirror and say “I want to spend money on aether shards to get my maxed 5* from 4/80 +20 to 4/85 +20” and not feel like a complete dork.

Poor attempt SGG and you may have cost yourselves more than you realize with this.


Why quibble? Awful and criminal. And I have a few more choice adjectives, lol. But I’ll quit while I’m ahead.


There are quite a few threads on this topic already, which might be easily found by searching the forum or looking at the most recent topics. For example:

possible merger @Dudeious.Maximus

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What about? :face_with_monocle:
20 characters

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The folks in my alliance were asking about it, as they didn’t have limit breaks pop up yet. Posting those pics was the best way I could think of for them to be able to see what I’m talking about. If only we could share pictures in the chatbox… Anyway, the limit breaks seem new and fun to me.
Feel free to leave any opinions :smile:

Everyone just needs to take a stand…and not make any purchases with these involved…but thats likely not gonna happen.

Shame on SG for not listenong to anyone…only thing there trying to donis improves the quality of life improvements (their own wallets)


Why are threads being slowed down. We won’t stop offering our opinion just because of that :roll_eyes:

Right, so, speaking about other games, where you for example control a character, get it to max level, gear it up and then sit comfortably there, feeling accomplished.

These games often release expansions over the course of years. Like a game called World of Warcraft, if anyone knows that :blush: The character limit gets raised every second year, and with that, it makes your character less powerful, given it’s no longer at the max. Until you level it of course.

Yet the difference to me is, that such games also provide a ton of high quality content to quest through alongside of the expansion. Most players like new expansions in such games (There will always be a player base who will be more fond of older versions of course)

In this game, leveling heroes though, is not accompanied by immersing ourselves into gorgeous landscape while we’re doing captivating quests. Quite the opposite actually. Our heroes do not even gain experience, when we are running map stages etc.

It sounds to me as if the whole system is broken. If the finishing line moves further and further away, there comes a point where burnout will occur, given that so much in game time is spend on repeatable content.


God Sake remove this feature


for those who still don’t know what is going on here and why most players hate this feature. Lets put this in another perspective:

Limit breakers feature is a biggest nerf impacting all heroes (yes, all of them - released and not yet released) in this game.
SG will let you to decide and max (your already maxed) heroes again but at a greater effort and money (of course!).
Even if limit breaking items will not appear in the offers for the money (what I honestly doubt) you will be forced to spend gems to continue in tournaments and events for placing in the top 1-5% to have a good chance for some limit breaking mats. So the game economy will force you to keep spending even if you decide to stop spending.

If you decide to ignore this feature you will have to accept the fact that your hardly earned and maxed heroes will not be as good as they were before.
Basically, this situation looks similar to releasing new OP heroes but the difference is this will impact every player in this game more significantly. Unlike release of OP heroes who will appear only in top defenses and you can always just re-roll or avoid in wars :smiley:

Every single player (f2p, c2p, p2w) will notice this in raiding, wars and tournaments when facing limit broken (or maybe just broken) defenses.

So it is not a buff opportunity but the largest nerf this game ever seen.


That is a very good definition about what is happening.

Everyone will struggle with the wars.
Even if you will eventually limit break and re-max your defense team, then you will still have a problem as your attacking teams will need to be limit broken to attack as efficient as you are doing now, and that will take some time even for spenders.
For a F2P players it will take several years.


I am not sure how this any different than when emblems were introduced, and financially that is very successful, but will pose the same economic problems as before.

It goes like this:
Stage 1
The average player like myself gets excited because our 4* heroes can for the time being compete against the big guns of the game (it will no doubtebly be cheaper / quicker to break 4* heroes) where the whales will keep all their resources to slowly build their Op defenses.

Which brings us to stage 2:
The whales got their defense teams built and again my 4* heroes are fragile, frustration starts for the average guy. The whale also experience this in war that their mighty rosters are weakened and they get less one shots in war and they become frustrated also.

Stage 3:
Time to work on the war teams and break them, but 25 heroes takes a lot longer than 5 heroes so what happens, you guessed it more aethers (or whatever they are called) in loot quests and most importantly deals.

This is the money phase but will dry up which takes us to step 4 or step 1 again:
Limit enhancers (emblems post breaking)

And the merry go round and round again.

Bottom line your heroes competitiveness remains as if you only had a fully levelled 5* 750tp vs 750tp or 1500tp vs 1500tp it remains the same except for the fact that SG wants you to have a 1000 heroes with only 30 usable 5* heroes.

This has all happened before so why the outrage now?


How do you think these will affect four star range of heroes?

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I personally would wait and see what will happen with the addition of Limit Breakers.

From what I know in other games, implementing a new change may be for the better if it is applied wisely. It seems SG are thinking in that direction by considering to remove the hidden 20% bonuses on the raid defense teams. With that move they are obviously targeting the top spenders, who would now have to immediately limit break at least their whole defense team to remain competitive, otherwise their defense will suffer too much losses.

Second, it seems that 4* heroes are way easier to limit break than 5* heroes. Same with 4* costumes. And that will actually for the time being decrease the power gap, because even f2p players will be able to break five monocolor teams of 4* in a short amount of time, whereas at the same time others will struggle with breaking the limit of their defense 5* team. In time of course the power gap will increase, when more and more people get more and more limit broken 5* in their roster.

Of course, everyone here may be right about limit breakers being the last nail in the coffin for E&P. Which would be sad, but hey, there are other games out there - PC and otherwise. Also I believe if that is the case, those who spent the least on this game will be the happiest overall.

So, it’s probably the best idea to keep your spendings low for the time being and just wait and see. At least this is what I’ll do.


Instead of extend the limits for all. This should be a feature to break the limit for 3* and 4* to reach 5*

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This echoes my thoughts exactly. We’ve been here before and the top has reached the limit of what emblems can do. So they now get the ability to throw there money at adding a little more.

When first announced I honestly didn’t see that it would affect my life in the game all that much. The top Whales will have to have them, same as they have to have the very best heroes of every portal. Those with deep pockets will max out again.

I genuinely believe the main player set impacted are those who are clinging onto the top and are either running out of cash to keep the chase going or are staying there due to playing smart with what they have.

The players who are playing smart with what they have will likely still do that.

The players who are chasing and are running out of cash are going to feel it I guess. This is yet another thing they “need” (they don’t but that’s a different story)

Ego is a big enemy at times and keeping up with the Jones is a phrase that has existed long before Gacha games.

The sun will rise and set as normal but whether you want to carry on playing this is your decision. SGG aren’t going back on it so shout and shake fists at clouds as much as want. The only thing you can control is continued involvement.

For me I’ll just carry on as I do now. I don’t need to be the best so I haven’t blown mortgage money on this trying to be. I find limit breakers to be an interesting context much as Emblems were. We’ve just hit saturation point on emblems now so here comes something new. And at some point I’m sure something else will follow as well.


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