About limit breakers

Poor @Guv. He may have been wondering why he was called out on this post. :rofl:

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This game is moving forward

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This is such a bad idea. Some alliances are already dialing back on titans because they die to quickly. All the stats gathered might as well be thrown out the window. Teams will push 5k.


Hard times await us… sad and hard times indeed.

It would be interesting to see how much time and resources a single hero would need to reach the apex, in the end.


I think the overwhelming majority, Beta, Vet, F2P, C2P, Whales…just about everyone was against the ability to power up heroes already at the top of the power list. All it does is cause headaches for old players and paywalls\blocks for new players (and new money). We know that the game can not continue at that pace and thats bad for all players of all levels.

SGG, please…for the longevity of the game…stop.

Pull your heads out and implement reasonable updates to old heroes so they are competitive against new ones and allow new or F\C2P players something to work with. No extra convoluted systems or purchases…just update the dang numbers on the cards. KISS…keep it simple stupid.

You have so much in this game to work with that you could stop looking at creating new features or heroes for at least a year. Improve the quality of what you have and stop mucking everything up.


The nerf is completely different than this

This limit breaking business could have worked, it could be OK if they limit whose limit can be delimited, if you catch my drift. I think I commented on an earlier thread on this subject that other similar games let you take any character up to 6* and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But obviously, if it’s going to be available to use on any hero, there will be hugely pumped-up teams of the most desirable legendaries dominating the top 100 as usual, while very few will bother to go to the trouble of raising the outdated ones. It didn’t have to be a bad feature… but as currently proposed it almost certainly will.

Don’t know what I’m going to do about it. Ignore it for now, probably. Get used to being in platinum tier again. Keep slogging through the maps etc. See how it pans out over time. And not buy any offers with aethers in (that’s the easy bit).


Yeah if we could reset the aethers like emblems that could be more doable but considering that they don’t want to implement resetting 4/80 hero to gets mats back, i doubt it will ever happen.

We should at least request that team cost of broken heroes is bigger so that you can’t have more than 3 for example in the team.


This cost limit is Just SO brilliant. Too brilliant to be implemented, but still.

20 brilliant ideas.


This is the most ridiculous thing so far in this game so far. And that’s saying something.

Nobody gave positive feedback about it. Everyone said it was a horrible idea.

Then they sneak in the non season 1 costumes which everybody also gave terrible feedback about.

I thought the beta testers might have been high, but now we know that they were also against it.

This is by far the worst update they will launch.

What’s the point of beta testing? What’s the point of this forum?

This is the last cash grab before they file bankruptcy and then pull the rug out from all of us and shut the game down.


This is game over for me and maybe for others too. Those in doubts will decide I guess…


First of all, thanks @Guvnor, sincerely your way of expressing yourself and how you explain the in game reality, it makes you a great person.

SG honestly does not deserve you and more when SG ignores you and all of us systematically.

Second, the gap that opens up here, in the best of cases, is the same as the one that opened up when the emblems were released.

The difference is that nowadays we are more of us who play for the union with the members of our alliance after so long together and not because the game attracts us in any way. In fact, we have not cared little or nothing about the game for a long time.

So this gap will cause many to leave, the union and the fun will go down and more will go.

It’s that simple, that’s how it happened with the emblems and that’s how it will happen.

And the solution dear SG is not to release more and more heroes, which seems to be the only thing you know to do.


I’m not sure if there is a support or not now.I am a beginner in this game but not a beginner in general about games. I know this story thanks to other greedy game companies. At least, SG gave me a chance to quit earlier. Thank you SG(Btw this abbreviation is really appropriate for this situation in Turkish:)


Congrats :clap: :clap:
Small Games officially killed Empires and Puzzles.

As a former beta tester (testing the “costumes” and limit breakers) and passionated player:

I am so happy I decided to quite. This is the most horrible patch possible.

Adding two devastating “features” in one go is very clever. They :poop: on feedback (which had been loud and clear) so they want rather one :poop:-storm than two.
To :poop: the game goes…

I miss the comradeship from my alliance but this game is simply not worth it.

This smells so much like a final try to milk the playerbase before shutting fown service.

So lets celebrate :partying_face:
The end has come! Take your money elsewhere. Buy a new video game…or a house with the E&P money instead.
Be free :butterfly:


I need to say that I don’t think is such a bad idea but for sure all this limit breaks will be on defense teams and will be really hard to fight in comming day’s,
I can understand SG that they want to make money as that’s the main reason to buy this game and they want to force people that build there tens to keep going as I think lot of people have teams and do not spend in game. SG need to do something that this players need to give money and to be forced to improve heroes as I think for them all this game start to be bored.
I don’t agree that S1 heroes need to get limited breaks only if will be at the end in the game as S1 heroes is for the first year of plays, when u start to play second se on they want players to move on and spend and pull S2 and play with them, later S3 and so so…
I look on game like this and that’s why I don’t see drama, we just don’t need to be attached after 1-2 years with old heroes as they are not for top players. I spend around 10e each month and I don’t look game like main fun in my life. I really understand both sides and I guess we all need to deal it to… cheers all😅

Did someone call for me?

Essentially to summarize what Guvnor is stating is that a ^%$%I^&%$&^%)(@&(#&$ level of optimism is not the answer to constructive criticism. Greenlighting or supporting every &%(&^&%DF^%#&(^^&%%^$&%(^%&^%$#% action by a &(&(&(&((&^&$&^$#@#%$#%$%(&^% company is not always the solution for the best health of the game.

The selling point that kept so many in this #$%^&#$%^&()(&^%$#@#$%^&&^% game is the community, but even the community has limits of $%^&()(&^%$#$%^&()&^%^&(&^ abuse that it can take. Content hid behind a paywall is tenable when you can still be @#$%^&(&^%$#%^&(&^%^ competitive with f2p units, but once the illusion of hope is dissolved, the game will find itself a sad end with the departure of more (&^%^&(&^%^&()_)(&^%$%^&* players.

Or not…SGG did make $500M from this game so what do I $%^&()(&^%$%^&(&^%$% know.


I agree with the overwhelming feedback here. Also, to no surprise to anyone, zero response from anyone actually on the SG staff. That’s the most comical part to me. Their actions show they don’t respect the player base but that’s not enough. They just go radio silent and don’t even have the balls to explain themselves. Amazing that such a ■■■■ poor company thrives so much. Wish people would make it hurt where it counts most but they are clearly being rewarded for their behavior so why stop…


I think you did not swear enough. The update justifies a lot more.

20 swears.


This is the absolute worst thing they could do to the game. Give us new hero’s every day to buy, new events, new costumes for hero’s that don’t need them, I don’t care, but increasing the max limit is the biggest show of disrespect you could ever display towards your player base.

You’re basically saying "thanks for accepting our ridiculously low pull rates with no second chance or guaranteed hero ever, thanks for grinding to get the stupidly rare ascension mats, thanks for putting up with a very unbalanced levelling system and in game resource system, thanks for putting up with us continually not listening and releasing things that don’t improve the game, thanks for waiting years for the HA just to waste time and not actually do anything useful with your dupes’ - and now after putting up with all of that, and jumping through all our hoops to max your heroes, guess what, F U, now you can just re level those hero’s.

It shows a huge disrespect to the player base, total lack of imagination on how to improve the game and a total lack of understanding of your own game.

Even though I mostly enjoy the game and am prepared to put up with poor management of the game and continue to waste more money than I should, I actually hope this causes the death of the game. You reap what you sow.


Well lately it’s become very evident that what the players have to say or all the negative feedback they got doesn’t matter to them. They don’t care about their customers and if any other business was ran this way it’d of been bankrupt. They will run this billion dollar industry into the ground and they will only to be able to blame themselves. Ever since zynga took over its been headed toward destruction and the greed level and a total lack of regard has prevailed. You took a good thing and have done everything in your power to ruin it. When your left with the ruins I hope you curse yourself for the fools that you most certainly are


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