About limit breakers

While I commend your optimism about it all, I will point out that I (and everyone else) is just as entitled to our opinions on these changes / features as you are to yours.

I also specifivally stated that the vast overwhelming majority detested the feature. Not everyone; there was a very slim minority who liked the feature, a group I take it you share a viewpoint with.

I will alsp remind you that a) beta testers (and volunteer moderators) are just that. Volunteering players. Additionally, Beta testers have tested and played with the featured and made their feedback & developped their criticisms based on that… I personally tested the first version of Limit breakers extensively and wrote detailed feedback about why I disliked it immensely and why it was going to ruin the game, particularly so at the top level of gameplay.
The criticism mind you isn’t solely about the feature; it’s also the FACT that developers have seemingly ignored all that feedback they asked for (and were given) but pressed ahead anyways.

So while I thank you for your contribution to this thread; I disagree with, and likely won’t comply with, your request to cease my criticisms… As I said, I’m every bit entitled to it as you are your own piece.


Very eloquently stated. I think @Guvnor could use an anger translator from the forum to give a less polite reply to that ignorant comment :grimacing: :shark:

This new content is BS. Please speak with your wallets everybody.


Stupid stupid feature. Once you limit break a hero that hero is now going to be used for practically everything making all the other useless heroes more useless. Making prominent nearly universally unpopular decisions to your game makes no sense and is very frustrating considering the investments in time and money a lot of their base has made. Anger and frustrate this base at your peril


The real problem probably lies in the wording “beta”.

In a beta players suppose to find bugs and provide feedback/opinions about what they are testing.
Developers suppose to be comunicative and share intentions and focus of what is tested.

This actually never happen in empires & puzzle “beta”.

3 years ago our dear Dante provide an excelent post which was asking exactly this: what you want to know from us?

  1. Years. Ago.

From then, beta has saw little to no change.

As such, i really struggle to call it “beta” but rather “preview”.

Developers of course could not (and should not) follow all our suggestion, but here we are flat out ignored.

The first time (event costumes) they tried to mediate and explain why they still want to take this feature into live game.

Explanation was not really convincing, so this time they literally rolled out without a word.

We could understand crystal clear this time we had no words in this decision and it was already set in stone.

This is already a bad feeling for a beta tester, even more because the only result of our complaints was cutting an already very limited comunication from the staff.


I guess one of the options available is to en-masse not do the quests or if you do not to use the limit breakers and certainly not purchase them in offers.

That’s something we as players in the community could control, if they weren’t used or purchased they would have no impact.


No, not all damage, it must be RNG… they’ll only have a 99,5% chance to dodge… so that the game could still be ballanced and fair…


As I originally shared my negative opinion in regards of the Limit Breaker with my fellow beta players.

I did mentioned that the idea could have been used for underrated & outdated heroes who could use this kind of boost.

My positive experience & excitement with it on beta was with the 4* heroes who had different special skills than the 5* heroes.
Example: Brynhild who could now easily compete against a 5* hero.

Besides that, I am not on board with this idea knowing it will alienate many people & push them away from one of our favorite game!


I’ll rewrite the questions since people are fighting over their opinions that nobody cares.

Me, myself, I want to hear it from you @Staff_SGG. You better reply those, you own us. Come on, stop thinking in how overpower heroes and sit for some minutes to explain your BS.


I guess that the only way for SG to start listening is we all as community coordinate to stop playing for a day to let them know that we are serious about our requests


Yet as Guv pointed out, that guy is free to voice their opinion , as is everyone else in here. Not everyone is gonna get on that bandwagon of hating SG right now.

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It is written that these items can only be obtained in the Break of Constraints quest. And in the description for version 39 it is said that these items can also be obtained in the chests of war and titanium. Please clarify this information.


Nah. This is a some beta tester and fellow players fight. It’s not like everyone cares.

Most people are unhappy but still buying things and licking whale players balls on YouTube videos spending 100k gems in every portal, like it is a healthy and cool thing to do.

Even if SGG explain themselves, the ■■■■■■ updates are added already. I’ve spend so much energy trying to show my voice without any success before leaving the game that I would suggest you to quit any battling against it. They won’t change and you’re wasting time.

This kind of game won’t last much, they’ll add those crazy stuff until you all spent enough them will work in another game and close its servers.

It’s just the mobile games life cycle. Or circus. You players are all the clowns of SGG’s show. Sorry for the hard truth.

Hope the 5% chance of getting a costume from HA every 7 days pays back the addition of many greedy updates and absotely zero quality of life and balance fixes. Haha.


Just a question: Will limit breakers be available from any other source? Say, Mystic Vision, Wanted Mision, Wanted: Titans ? Also will they be added to the War loot or to the War Chest?


This is in the release notes.

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Well said. Memories must be indeed be very short cos the reason for rolling out revenue generating initiatives faster and faster is obvious: SG received $260m for their second purchase instalment in May 2021 (yes, just last month). There is one more instalment: third and final payout due in May 2022, based on EP’s financial performance from 1 March 2021 to 28 Feb 2022, SG would like to receive another $260m for this 3rd payout, if not more.

If a player is not happy with the direction the game is going, then exit the game and walk away.

If a player still wants to play, then they can opt not to spend a single cent more. If they want to spend as usual, go ahead. It’s a personal decision.

The #nospend# movement post Tell/Vela nerf was successful enough. Revenue dived significantly enough.

One player exiting or spending less may seem insignificant. Enough like-minded players will grow into a force to be reckoned with, and will affect game revenue significantly. Yes, even the revenue from watching Mystic will dive with a lower player population.

A player only needs to decide for himself/herself. Exit? Spend less? Play as normal?

It is pointless to plead with SG as they are a business and need to maintain their revenue streams, healthy, fast flowing and hopefully sustainable.

Consumers can choose to exit this game if they do not agree with the direction of this game. No point complaining over and over again.


Shouldn’t this be merged to this:


Guess I’m pretty much just echoing @Player16YT here, but if SGG doesn’t answer these two questions in the upcoming AMA, then don’t even bother having it. This is what most players want the answers to. Put your answers on record for all to see.


Yeah, the problem with adding them to raid tournament loot is that there is going to be less loot than you are used to. If you concentrate on 5s you will drop a tier in the 3 and 4 tourneys once you are facing fully emblemed limit broken teams…
Same for others in other tourneys.


I am really waiting for your ‘Some numbers’ as I am really interested in your analysis. For now, after reading what can be read on the forum I am just a bit worried. The biggest concern are OP defenses, which may appear in some time. However, as we all know, the meta shifts every few months (half a year maybe?). So, by the time rainbow defence is all aethered, the meta will start to shift. So the whales have to go all the way through the process. The question is if it will be balanced in this kind of way, as emblems were. In the beginning you had to really gather emblems for a few months to put a hero +20.

The general idea of these breakers is quite good. I’d love to break e.g. my Proteus or Hansel to have them eventually with 5* stats. IMO, it is also good for F2P/C2P. Since their 5* roster is usually scarce, and they always use their Elena, Richard or one of the very few HOTMs they have, they will boost their best heroes right away.

I am sceptical about this, since many sensible voices on the forum called this breakers total BS. You can call me the devils advocate if you wish, but I am much more concerned about the execution and balance, than the idea itself.


I hate it.

20 hate characters


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