About limit breakers

Interesting result on a war win.


I think this is a “trap”.

I miss my old teammates. Can’t say the same for warring at top 100 alliance level.

What an interesting shift in this forum. Seems to me we went quickly from:

“LBs will be the end of this game!!!” and “When they introduce LBs we will quit!!!”


“Not enough LBs, bring them faster!!!” and “Moar LBs!!!, or we will quit!!!”


I don’t think it’s just limit breakers alone that’s the issue.

My 2c.

It is the latest feature in this game, limit break. Essentially, you collect these new items called Aethers. With enough Aethers, you can limit break a maxed hero and add five more levels to that hero. Once a hero has been limit broken, a pink bar will show up to indicate that.

Least someone, unintentionally, understood me. Lol

No, I did quit. I mainly just talk in AR and merc. Ended up with some aethers but zero interest in using them. It’s also because they combined posts.

Some of us, our opinions haven’t changed. I still refuse to yet again level my roster.

Reminds me of something…? Oh right… Emblems.

Lucky few not select few.

:joy::rofl: there should be a new mirage quest today. Definitely before NT kicks off.

More aethers coming in soon.

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