About limit breakers

Here’s a shining glimmer of hope though, I can finally "break " my Carver and wu… after my last 30 pulls i got so many now i can have my wu army and carver brigade i always wanted!!!


Next step is to go Ultra Instinct… heroes autmatically dodge every damage dealt to them. :rofl:



This I would actually support :grinning:


as long as they’re only cosmetic. and come with matching fairy wands :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed!!! I can imagine how wars will be “fun” with new OP++ defenses, congrats $G!!! Beta players and a huge part of players will tell how this update is good
While QoL…
A new bad update to release


I just be happy with being able to trade items/heroes among others in my group but then again I’ve been asking for that for years… But now i gotta “break” stuff other than my phone…


Dear SG,

Why you don’t listen to the beta testers? Why you don’t listen to your forum users/players?
The feedback for limit breakers has mostly been negative and you release them anyway. I hoped you learned from the non s1 costumes feedback sometimes ago. No, you don’t!!!
As the tip of the iceberg with the limit breaker sh*t you also release non s1 costume. Do you think we can be taken for idiots? I hope it will never come to your mind that you’re going to release any of the canceled costumes. Otherwise you will loose another spending player - me.
But over all: start listen to your players!


The thing that most people have to realize is that as long as people are willing to spend, things like this will continue. I’ve been in the game now four years and I hate to tell you this but Money Talks always has and always will. Personally I don’t spend hardly anything anymore like I used to but others make up for it…

Just find the fun and enjoy the people and connections u make.


Can’t wait to face those 5k+ teams in next war :)))))

This never ending grind is annoying… I hardly maxed a few 5s i had and now i have to level them again ? Boring stupid and annoying. Now what, 4/80 are new 3/70??? Seriously this is what they meant by QoL updates ???

The only way to fix this would be not to make the limit items purchasable so that everyone has the same amount of broken (see what I did there?) heroes.
No other solution to this mess.

Ps. props to guvnor for the thread and his voice.


This decision by SG is sad, annoying and very shortsighted….
It will be the beginning of the end of their E&P gaming for many seasoned players…
Some rosters will simply stagnate as players work more with what they already have and have already spent resources on…
And what new players are going to load the game and play seriously once they know it’s going to take them years to get 5* heroes, max them up, get +20 emblems on them, get the costume, max the costume and then max out on these limit breakers…
The game is going to be badly affected and imbalanced very quickly….
Shame on SG for ignoring beta testers, ignoring moderators and ignoring your player base represented in the forum. I am waiting patiently to see what developers have to say in the Q&A session to defend their decision.
@Petri and @KiraSG can you provide a response from SG as to why this decision to implement Limit Breakers was made ignoring the majority of the “negative” feedback from your customers


20 Limit Break…


More people would quit if they ever did this with hero’s. The whole point of the game is everyone has different stuff at different powers … just giving me a 5* blue hero’s after a year of waiting (true story) would actually make me quit … yes I need a blue 5* but seriously I don’t want Hand outs. Would totally ruin the game.

I know it seems fun but like card collecting if someone just bought you the ones you were missing. That wouldn’t be fun at all.

Also they fixed the rare titan thing after the masses talked to them is it possible that some of the beta testers like the breakers and are scared to speak upon forum? I’m just wondering?

Imma wait and see how it goes…


Man, as a small business owner I almost wish I could disregard and disrespect my clients at the SG level and still rake in money like crazy…except that’s not how I would like to run my business. It’s truly despicable and if I was a beta tester, I would quit doing that right away. Why give this company your time for free when they just ■■■■ all over you? Maybe all beta testers should just quit en masse. At this point it’s clear that SG doesn’t care about you and your feedback, so your hard work is pointless. And maybe if you do it will send some sort of signal. So thank you all for your hard work, but please all retire.


I would like Limit Breakers for all my 3/70 heroes sitting on my bench.

Where those at???

Fix my DUPES problem SGG



Pssssst! Don’t give them any ideas! :astonished:


Limit Breakers are actually Limit MAKERS. Which is the real reason to hate them.

Instead of new additions to the game exploring the fun aspects of the game (which are still there), they explore the one of most hated one - scarcity of ascension mats and unability to retrieve them back from a hero we do not use anymore.

After years of building vast rosters of dozens of heroes we are being thrown at the ultra fast pace, instead of letting us enjoy the pool we have by adding content that allows it - they introduce artificial boundaries that will only introduce imbalance and force difficult decisions that noone ever asked for.

As if they never learnt anything from the emblem fiasco. More so, with emblems you can at least go back. That was the only positive thing that let the whole mechanic to be fixed. Ascensions can not be undone. Once you limit break you are - ironically - even more limited.

Terrible times for the game ahead of us.


Unfortunatelly, it looks that SG wants to get as much money as possible in the fastest possible way and then (probably after season IV) they will just leave the game without support. 1-2 years and it will just die. I think that this is the reason they don’t listen to the players community…


They should’ve worked on QoL improvements and released those before such a controversial feature like this.

Jeez… at least soften the blow first LOL


It is like: I don’t know what it is about, but I still need to tell what I think about it. :rofl:
Perhaps it would be better to read the topic and all concerns first and then to state an opinion.


5. Be Responsive

Your testers need to know that they’re important, their input is valuable, and this project is your top priority. A rapid response to their feedback sends the right message, keeps them engaged, and encourages them to continue providing useful feedback. A quick “thank you” or status update goes a long way.


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