About limit breakers


False. He already was that prior. Limits did nothing to that end. I, as many know, were already using an Emblemed Rigard. Especially in costume, but not always.

How’s the big 4* advantage going?

Will you have enough to make a Cap after using all those aether to break a 4*, On the next go around?
Or… still only enough for another 4* ?

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I already have a 5* green aether.

What does that one Richard have anything to do with me anyway?

This is what I am waiting for. 4 days left in this month.

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The first hero I LB was a 3* for use in tournaments. The next was a 4* whose skills I like very much, but who is not as strong as the others. This seems like a very usable and useful feature.


I am afraid of being off-topic in previous thread, so I move it to this.

Speaking of free sources, have anyone make rough calculation on how many it can generate?

Quest generate 4× 5* aether. They said there will be 1-2 quest per month but we still don’t know exactly, if we assume the worst, it will be once every 4 weeks.

Top 1% have 5% rate for 5* aether and 4 rolls per tournament, we have around 4 tournament in 4 weeks, so the total is 16 rolls, 16 × 5% = 0.8 per 4 weeks. Top 5% have similar rate but only 3 rolls instead of 4, so it is 0.6 per 4 weeks.

For war loot, only few top alliances which can win almost every war, outside of those few, the win rate will be closer to 50%. Even if we assume 100% win, it seems on average there are about 2 rolls, with 8 wars in 4 weeks, that is also 16 rolls. If we assume it has the same rate as top 1% tourney, it will be 0.8 too. Using the average rate of 50% war win, common folks will get 0.4.

As far as I know, war chest do not drop aether.

So from non-store sources in 4 weeks:

Top players: 4 + 0.8 + 0.8 = 5.6× 5* aether
Ordinary active players: 4 + 0.6 + 0.4 = 5× 5* aether

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Does the calculator have a snooze button?


Nope, it is not alarm.

What about the loot? No 5*.

Look what Carcass is sporting:

Neat. So much fun…
Happy gaming!

But that is still just 1 hero, you said it will be:

So that is 5 times better.

It will be…
not before the month ends. But soon enough @yelnats_24
Happy gaming! So happy

Level 50 :joy:


Keep breaking those 3 and 4*
Have fun with that!


Not really sure what message you keep trying to get across.

I am also LBing my key 3s (tournies) and 4s (tournies & raids/wars). Will get to 5s when theres an opportunity. Will increase my chances of getting more loot including more ather.

About fighting against teams with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 LB heroes? Don’t care. At all. Minimal impact to outcome… the biggest impact will be when my C Mel be given a boost to his survivability.

It is indeed neat and fun.


I don’t get the 3* vs 4* vs 5* debate, if you are interested into wars and have the materials for 5* (along with a hero who deserve to be further ascended) you ascend it, then the leftowers will go into 4* and 3* for tournaments.

If we are more interested into events you further ascend these heroes… just like we always did?

It’s just that above a certain level the 5* we “have to” further ascend are the most versatile defending ones first (for example Alfrike over Bera or Skadi over Cobalt), to empower all the factors who could help us with the Aethers farming.


If you limit break, level up, and max both the hero and the costume, does the costume bonus go up as well? Or does it still stay at +5% +5% +10% +5%?

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No, the bonus will stay the same and you only need to break the costume limit if you would like to equip it.

A non equipped limit broken costume won’t power up its owners.

That was exactly the question I had when I visited the forum today since months.


good to see you back, @Olmor


The original concern revolved around f2p gap growing from p2p. It was stated that: “f2p gap will shrink and they can be more competitive” (albeit temporarily).

So, in one hand, the gap of focus is everything not tournament related (war, raids). While in the other hand, gap of focus is tournaments and events.

In theory, for a brief window more f2p may find their way atop the raid tournies that exclude 5s and potentially events for Rare and Epic which is, nonetheless, temporary.

Retrospectively, there’s the existing unknown variable of who will Limit what and when. Yet in time, we’ll be right back where we were prior to Limits.

Which was our (and op) point. This achieves nothing towards the goal it is designed for. Creates an imbalance that balances itself out.

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In reading through this thread i see people talking about various aspects of aethers effects on the player base. People keep bringing up what the whales are doing. Does that constitute 95% of the playerbase? Nope. I do not care what the whales do with their aethers as I’m nowhere near their level and don’t want to be. I enjoy the game in my own way and I value my money in a slightly different way then needing to be on top of some random phone game leaderboard.

Use the limit breakers as you see fit and enjoy them in the playstyle you have chosen.

I broke 2 4* w/costumes and a 3* and am happy with my decision. Even got a 5* aether in tourney loot.

While I enjoy the banter about this topic some of the pettiness and back and forth is annoying to have to read.

As a person once told me - “Arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics, you may win but you are still mentally challenged”


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I’ll just drop these here fo anyone who cares


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