About limit breakers

Yea, it looks that they just hate the idea of people achieving a comfort level about their rosters and being “fulfilled”. They fear that once a player has completed their heroes, they will quit/disengage (or - GOD NO - stop spending money).

It kind of looks that they lack ideas to engage people in game (and spending on the game) in ways different than carrot and a stick. Only a constant race that players want to finish but the organizers push the finish line further and further away.

I don’t think that is kind of game I looked for when I started with E&P. I prefer more specific goals.


All ima say is, if you’ve been free to play since Emblems arrived, I guarantee you I have more emblemed heroes then you, you just can’t see them.

I have beyond 6 war teams of 5* with emblems on them and can rotate any color tank at any given time.

I have 2 in every color of 3* and 4* for raid tournaments.

…and that’s not meant to be arrogant or like I’m the best player here, either (as I’m not).

…and lastly, whether or not LBs eventually go up for sale or not; I still have a deeper roster I can feed them to while (in time) you’ll run out and hoard until you get more heroes.

Short term, sure, it won’t increase the gap, but over time it most certainly will even if they don’t make LB for sale.

How many times do you think your roster can successfully take out a 5100 defense? (Pretending you have your entire roster with LB.)

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Thank you @Guvnor for starting this thread.

For me limit breakers are the end of the game in the way they are released. It would have been nice if they were introduced into the game to make only 4* and S1 heroes stronger, but absolutely no need for ninjas and so on… I’m not going through all this grind again to get frustrated by wars and stuff.

Also kinda sad, that SG hasn’t answered those two simple questions after 200 posts. (But didn’t expect any other)


To be fair, they did, though the responses were, well… you decide:

  1. “Why?”

A: Tim: “Some ideas and/or concepts are already set in stone and are non-negotiable.”

  1. “What is the point?”

A: “Feedback for pros/cons, bugs and issues we may not have considered and/or encountered.”

If the prior is in motion, the latter is rather limited. If the prior is not in motion, the latter has more impact.

Problem is, most things always seem to be in the prior.

Example: Ninja Tower. It wasn’t universally agreed to be a fantastic idea, but complaints (if you will) weren’t all acknowledged, some were. It fell under the prior, it was coming out no matter what, most saw potential, pointed out flaws/issues, and they saw to fixing/improving it.

Easiest example I can think of was how easy the Tower was upon early arrival. Breezed through all 100 levels with no issue, the curses were a non-factor.

So, they made curses more of a problem and toughened the competition (aka enemies). Although in Beta (from what I recall) the bosses weren’t ninjas or the likes… it was Namahage and other random heroes like Danzaburo.

Imo, the end product was far better than the original version. (Regardless and separate to how one perceives it now).

I’m not certain, but I’ve never seen such a unanimously despised game addition as seen with Limits. So despised, I know many (like myself) who didn’t even bother trying version 3 of it. Didn’t even update it.

Now that it’s a multi-million dollar company, it has forgotten what made it loved, cherished, and rich and now carves its own path. It doesn’t care about long term players, it cares only for its bottom line. (Go on, defend the mantra of business idc)

As it loses more of its longterm players, they are simply replaced by a new gen. that will one day be as many are today, and as I am as those who left before us.

They don’t care as this system gives them no reason to.


I remember a long time ago, … and I do not remember exactly how much, how tired of losing in the rounds, always against the same teams and with the same heroes … a proposal I made here for SG was that they put a button on your attack equipment and that you could use at least once and even if only once to defeat the rival team yes or yes … but in my request never talk about costs for that to be the case.
So on the one hand I understand that it could be a good thing, but I would have eliminated the costs, since that way the weak would not be harmed, if not that, it would benefit since the strong does not need that button because it is left over with heroes and troops.

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I will add into it:



You guys like to talk about:

But you’re getting it all wrong.

I know which heroes in my roster work best. The "who" decision would not be so difficult as you imagine.

The amount of time will vary.
But the end result will still be the same:

A horde of 7 star enemies
are on the way!

But you’re 4* tournaments will not be
limited to F2P either :rofl:

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But with my method I can temporary (around 1 year) reduce my gap with the whales in AW. Just like during the first year of emblem. Moreover, LB do not have weakness associated with emblem, embleming 4☆ means slowing down the progress of embleming 5☆ (I chose to fully emblem 4* first before stepping into 5*). With LB, limit breaking 4☆ can be done without slowing down the progress of limit breaking 5☆.

Even the scrapped 2* tournament was dominated by whales. I compete 3* tournament with 20 fully emblemed 3* and compete 4* with 18 fully emblemed 4*. I regularly in top 1%, sometimes top 100, never spending gems to continue. When LB come out I will just limit breaking them. What is the difference?

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What does this mean?
For me it’s a place where you can get ice cream

I don’t know what AW is. But…

This was not my experience. I struggled to maintain a pace with the top 100. And the emblem effect made the beatings more severe and the matches go faster until I was able to catch them and even-up the imbalance they forced on players

It’s easy. Too many that have healers in bloody battle. No emblems are needed to acquire 1%.
I get 2 days of soft defenses when your first match is 100 blems.

But I have strong Titan and War teams without unnecessarily wasting resources on 3* for tournaments

Im assuming it means alliance war

Ok. What does that mean then?

For 1 year he will not lose a war match?
Because his limit broken 3* will be OP?

Emblems didn’t work this way.
Not sure why LB will

That was due to different strategy. My C2P alliance teammate was the same as you, they struggle to compete after emblem. On the other hand, I chose an unorthodox method. I focus on embleming around 15× 4*, neglecting the 5*. While my defense among the weakest in my alliance, my attack is always top 3 competing against the whale in my alliance (and I did not pick weak opponent). In raid, my C2P teammate strughle just to be at local top 100 while I can easily enter top 100 global (before the power creep from costume and ninja hit in).

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Are you trolling? I do not use 3* for war. I use mix of fully emblemed 4* (40%), regular 5* (27%), and fully emblemed 5* (33%).

Whales whose team consist of 100% 5* will struggle for around a year to limit break their 5* so they can improve their war team while I can just limit break mix of 4* and 5* to improve my war team, which is faster.

I already answered that.

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I believe i may constitute as a “whale” to a certain degree, let’s pretend you’re right. That year comes and goes.

Now what?

Now i have a roster pimp with 5* LB and breeze through 3s and 4s.

So now what? Back to square one.

Just like costumes failed, just like emblems failed.

Backing up, you have a lot of faith in that being exactly how it will play out when “whales” will still aim for top dog in events since that has better rewards than war or raiding.

Simple, my post wasn’t directed to you as it only highlight benefit for non-whales.

I believe LB is disadvantageous for whales so I understand your hate for LB.

We are on the same page here. I’m just more straight forward and quick to the point. :joy:

In all honesty, I’m more baffled at the lack of awareness at how ■■■■■ the whole concept is and excuse it… regardless how impressive you might be “for a year”.


I don’t think you do. Not in the slightest.

I’m not sure why you’d think this. Let’s put our thinking caps on for a minute……

It will not be disadvantageous for whales. It will actually cause a wider gap between whales and others. Whales have far more heroes of the “OP” nature to limit break. So not only are they ahead in TP and roster strength, but limit breakers will widen that gap.

I also noticed that the new Aether event that’s coming has a final stage that recommends a 4800 tp attack team. How many here have that? The whales do. Others will struggle to finish the event. But the whales will collect those Aether rather easily.

In the end, you’re wrong. This won’t balance anything. Why do you think they are looking to rebalance raid defenses at the top of the diamond arena? Come on my man. You gotta critically think these things through instead of throwing out names and running purely on emotion.


To put it simply, LB is:

  • SG ploy to cash grab money from whales
  • Unintended side effect of temporary reducing the gap between savvy F2P and P2P in AW
  • Unintended long term effect of very slightly reducing the gap between F2P and P2P