About limit breakers

Thanks @Guvnor for creating this thread and given another (probably the last :frowning_face:) try to make the players heard.
Rating myself being a seasoned player and beta tester for quite a while, i can just share everything Guvnor wrote. I am completely put out by limit breakers and even more by the ignorance of SGG in this matter. Please correct me if i’m wrong, but as far es i remember, they did not even bother to put a single answer towards all the negative feedback from their volunteer (!) testers. Not even speaking about any kind of real interaction or even a ‘discussion’.

It’s a sad time, when moderators quit their job and retire from beta.
It’s a sad time, when the developers don’t seem to listen (again) to warnings from so many voices.
It’s a sad time, when developers ignore promises of seasoned players to quit as this goes live.

Dear SG, maybe it’s your last chance to keep this game (which i’m sure brings you quite a lot of money) alive in the long term? :thinking:


It already is live. The first already have the update, at least in one of my line groups people were already surprised what this new things are they can’t use at the moment.
So as long as they didn’t lie to me(which I doubt) , first people can already see limit breakers in live game (although can not use because it will only start after the forced update for everyone)


When you have to:

  1. summon the hero
  2. max the hero
  3. Emblem the hero
  4. Summon AND max the costume, if the hero has one
  5. then limit break them

and also when beta players and moderators and other players:

  1. give feedback
  2. give more feedback
  3. give even more feedback
  4. and the thing still goes through


You have forgotten:
6. limit break their costume



it never ends :rofl: :rofl:

what’s next… limit break the limit break???

maybe SG will introduce something on top of emblems. Tiaras, perhaps. or each hero gets a summon-able pet …


Edit; apparently I missed this also…


Raiding will be fun smh 5k teams here we go… Go go gadget reroll button… :laughing:


Total Support for this. I feel for this @Guvnor. Thanks for being the sane voice along with the other Beta testers. We need to make this thread big enough to make SG hear us. Or it will be the death of this game which I personally have come to like.


On a side note remember when 2500 got you in the top 10 in raids… my my my look how far we’ve come it’s gonna be doubled in size LMAO

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This seems a post script error in the huge error log of the game developers.

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Here’s a shining glimmer of hope though, I can finally "break " my Carver and wu… after my last 30 pulls i got so many now i can have my wu army and carver brigade i always wanted!!!


Next step is to go Ultra Instinct… heroes autmatically dodge every damage dealt to them. :rofl:



This I would actually support :grinning:


as long as they’re only cosmetic. and come with matching fairy wands :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed!!! I can imagine how wars will be “fun” with new OP++ defenses, congrats $G!!! Beta players and a huge part of players will tell how this update is good
While QoL…
A new bad update to release


I just be happy with being able to trade items/heroes among others in my group but then again I’ve been asking for that for years… But now i gotta “break” stuff other than my phone…


Dear SG,

Why you don’t listen to the beta testers? Why you don’t listen to your forum users/players?
The feedback for limit breakers has mostly been negative and you release them anyway. I hoped you learned from the non s1 costumes feedback sometimes ago. No, you don’t!!!
As the tip of the iceberg with the limit breaker sh*t you also release non s1 costume. Do you think we can be taken for idiots? I hope it will never come to your mind that you’re going to release any of the canceled costumes. Otherwise you will loose another spending player - me.
But over all: start listen to your players!


The thing that most people have to realize is that as long as people are willing to spend, things like this will continue. I’ve been in the game now four years and I hate to tell you this but Money Talks always has and always will. Personally I don’t spend hardly anything anymore like I used to but others make up for it…

Just find the fun and enjoy the people and connections u make.


Can’t wait to face those 5k+ teams in next war :)))))

This never ending grind is annoying… I hardly maxed a few 5s i had and now i have to level them again ? Boring stupid and annoying. Now what, 4/80 are new 3/70??? Seriously this is what they meant by QoL updates ???

The only way to fix this would be not to make the limit items purchasable so that everyone has the same amount of broken (see what I did there?) heroes.
No other solution to this mess.

Ps. props to guvnor for the thread and his voice.


This decision by SG is sad, annoying and very shortsighted….
It will be the beginning of the end of their E&P gaming for many seasoned players…
Some rosters will simply stagnate as players work more with what they already have and have already spent resources on…
And what new players are going to load the game and play seriously once they know it’s going to take them years to get 5* heroes, max them up, get +20 emblems on them, get the costume, max the costume and then max out on these limit breakers…
The game is going to be badly affected and imbalanced very quickly….
Shame on SG for ignoring beta testers, ignoring moderators and ignoring your player base represented in the forum. I am waiting patiently to see what developers have to say in the Q&A session to defend their decision.
@Petri and @KiraSG can you provide a response from SG as to why this decision to implement Limit Breakers was made ignoring the majority of the “negative” feedback from your customers


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