About limit breakers

So who will be stronger. Hero with 20 emblems or a +5 limit breaker hero?

You will be facing defences with both.

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OK. folks they are doing this whether we like it or not, same with emblems. So its time to suck it up. If you feel this means its time to quit, then quit. If you want to give it a try, may i suggest a different strategy.
Nothing I am about to post is going to change what the top alliances do. They will apply limit breakers to war defense teams first. This is an accepted and common strategy with emblems, and it applies here. It is the reason people hate this feature. So lets take a different approach.
I am a firm believer in the fact that defense is useless. You can’t see how your defense performs without someone else sending yo a video. You cannot play defense. raid defense is someone meaningless as people put less than great teams up to get easy revenges. It only helps is war and there its only somewhat true. Your defense winning or losing or taking 1,2,3 or 4 flags to kill is as dependent on your defense team as the tiles. We all know you can kill teams 200-500 power higher with an average and decent heroes. We all know you can kill teams 500+TP with a better than average board etc etc. I may be overstating which is more important but the two factors, the quality of your defense team and the tiles are the most important factors determining win/loss.

Instead of worrying about your war defense, because even if you can get one or two of them limit broke, worry about your offense. You actually get to play offense. You can see the value of these limit breakers in action. Limit break your most used heroes on offense. Let those top tier alliances limit break their tanks and defense heroes, meanwhile stay competitive by limit breaking your offense.

Now of course this does not take into account how fast the whales will be able to limit break versus f2p/c2p but that is the nature of these games. I did this with emblems. I worried about offense and my most used heroes. I maxed 4s before 5s I still do. I stay competitive.

Plus there are other factors. SO lets say someone limit breaks tell as an example. They can’t reset that. And now the new shiny green tank comes along and they don’t have the limit breakers to do that one. This is just one example of how it balances out. And yes I get the fact you can’t reset telly is a big minus for this feature, but its also a small plus since you really have to commit to the hero you limit break.

To finish, yes I wish this feature never existed. I really hoped the new way to power up our heroes were add-ons like an animal or weapon or something that could be interchanged among your heroes like troops. But this is the crap we got instead.


Let me start by saying that i wasn’t a whale by any means.
Besides my V.I.P & P.o.V passes, i use to spend a good chunk of money every month for over 3 years.

I’ve already reduced my spending habits few months ago & now with all those challenging changes, I’m becoming a FtP gamer!

The Limit Breaker ironically broke my limits in how I handle our game.

The game is going in such a wrong direction, that many already quit & others are following soon!


How does a kind comment get flagged?

I do think this is good advice. I’m expecting Rigard, Boldtusk, Melendor, and Kiril (already having full costume bonuses and +20 emblems) to be among the first heroes I limit break. Those dudes are everyday workhorses for me. That said, I’m still breaking Krampus as soon as I can. He’s already made such a difference in my defense, and I’m not ready to give that up just yet. As F2P, even if a new, better blue tank comes along, I’m not going to draw it anyway!

Feel free to embrace that FTP life over at the FTP Rebellion!


It’s probably a combination of more things.

Some forum users just polarize, some either hate everything Sg does or love it. So there is some natural opposition against some users to say it diplomatic.

Than it’s just some really provocative wording, it’s just some, ha I’m happy they don’t listen to you guys, in a thread were most players complain that Sg isn’t listening to them. That’s probably not the best move if you want some civil discussion.

That’s maybe already enough for some players.

But I would say the biggest problem with this post is the sentence about not having any idea what the concern of the thread is. I mean, if I criticize some people I should at least read what they have written and not just leave some post saying I have no idea what you guys are saying but you are wrong and stop saying it.

I mean I normally don’t flag people, not sure if I already have flagged anyone beside my own posts for moderation, but I can understand other people flagging something like this.


Thank you for once again standing up and speaking. @Guvnor . I am not in Beta, I dont consider myself a whale, but I do buy and I do chase. But over the last 2 months, it’s just not as enjoyable as it once was. I feel obligated to continue because of the communal aspect of the alliances. But lately I just look at the 60-70 5* hero’s that are Un-leveled and probably never will be. Just sitting, and think, why should I chase more? The simple truth is….I shouldn’t. Now I have to think about limit breakers just to keep what I have worked on for 2 yrs relevant?

I just want the fun back, the enjoyment of playing, not the obligation.

Maybe it’s things returning to normal and RL becoming a possibility again, but right now, it’s just not fun. Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t. Either way, I wish everyone the best, and hopefully see you all in war or raids.


Thanks for explaining I seriously was confused. Text is hard I didn’t read it the same way. :heart::heart:


besides the good posts raised by @ferg ,

the post also says “imagine, some people think they know what’s best for everyone…” which is frankly quite controversial, at the least, to say on a thread where a big concern is:

SG asked people to join beta and give input;
then they did not listen to that input… for three betas.
When people have the expectation, that beta is a place to give constructive input about the game and the game features…


Ummm, too bad so sad? Just because you spent a shed load of money doesn’t mean you should automatically be at the top. If a C2P/F2P puts some thought into team composition and has become a master of board play, why don’t they deserve to win with the aid of some board luck? Plus with your $30,000 roster you should be able to easily crush their hapless defenses during the revenge.

If a whale feels frustrated their $10,000 defense got bested by an F2P/C2P (how often does that happen anyway let’s be honest), then maybe they should check their ego before they wreck themselves. (and maybe also stop overcompensating… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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My point was that neither group is really happy. The low-spenders are going to be grinding for years before breaking a limit on a 5* unless they get ridiculously lucky. I sincerely believe that I won’t have to worry about this whole thing for a good long while.

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Greengoo, frankly, it’s always the same stuff people get excited about, but I will read up on it a bit later.

Wow limit breaker going ahead I see lol. This will be interesting.

Thanks @Guvnor for all the time you put into this and beta (although I suppose no longer) also helping fellow players outside forums on line etc, its sad to see that the devs don’t care to not only not listen to.the player base majority but also dedicated beta testers mods etc I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be, but again appreciate all you do buddy :heart_decoration:


I love limit breakers… so when we can brake limit on troops?

We should have Limit Breaker Troops as soon as everyone else leaves the game


I don’t want to feel like I feel during the 3* tourneys where I’m fighting teams with full +20 emblems across the board and maxed troops with my non-emblemed heroes and level 1 troops. It literally takes me 3 or 4 sniper hits on a single enemy to kill them while the enemy’s slash attacks are doing hundreds of damage on me each hit and I am one-shot by their specials. That’s where this is heading for war teams 2-6 with these limit breakers. I mean, they don’t look like too terrible of a stat boost, but they are. We’ll feel the difference.


maybe when the cost of leveling troops becomes cheaper lol, it already takes so long to max a single troop, good grief. I can’t even imagine getting a single troop to level 30, let alone wanting to get it to level 31…


Far as I know, the only reason why your alliance would be matched with an overpowered alliance is if yours has been on a winning streak and theirs on a losing one, bringing the war scores close, despite the discrepancy in rosters.

Is there another reason for such a mismatch?

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