About limit breakers

Hey guys,

I will come back to this thread in a bit and add some stats and numbers…

But I just want to take the time to say that, on behalf of all Beta Testers, we’re sorry…

While we tried our collective hardest and your loyal @moderators tried our hardest via other channels, SGG game developers have decided to press on with this content…

Note: I am not apologising for SGGs decision to release this content… Just apologising that we couldn’t divert this… Decision.

Some Numbers

Will flesh this out soon with #s of positive vs. negative feedback in the 3x beta tests & regular forum feedback.

Dear @Staff_SGG

I don’t often make use of the privilege of having this tag but today I will.

I have only 1 (make that 2) questions:

  1. Why?
    Why did you ignore all the feedback? All the requests? The declarations of hatred? The warnings? The promises of quitting?

  2. What is the point of Beta?
    I mean honestly; you added Limit Breakers to beta 3 times for testing… 3 times your VOLUNTEER testers gave exactly the same overwhelming negative feedback. Each time you ignored it and have chosen to release it anyway…
    Does SGG even care about beta anymore? I mean I’ve already quit beta over all this but should the other testers even bother volunteering their time anymore?

V39 release notes: Version 39 Release Notes & Status

Oh and apparently I missed this too. Thanks SGG… You really know how to listen.



I have nothing else to add; just my complete support of this thread and it’s contents - and willful curiosity at where this will go

Thank you @Guvnor



I may be wrong about it, but i recall only two times they turn back on their decisions, and both time a single well known player spoke off.
Mind me, i don’t think that player has special privilege, but more likely he rapresent a specific category very influent for Small Giant.

In this beta, not even one of this “category” spoke, so i take it as they were not really so against this.

I also think they have “limited shots”, so can’t go against the flow all the time.

What i’m saying is that i have the feeling that huge numbers of feedback is useless unless a specific part of the playerbase step out against it.

Could be wrong tho.


Why is it so hard?

Seriously, why do we have to push so hard for them to listen to us dedicated players?

We did it for non S1 5* costumes, and now we have to do it again for this? And the costumes aren’t cancelled, just postponed.

Note: I can’t say I didn’t see them just going ahead anyway. I dare them to prove me wrong. :rofl:


Limit breakers could be a great, low spenders friendly, game ballancing idea, as far as heroes were subject to limit breackers in tiers based on release date. If for one year since limit breakers release, only S1 and original event heroes would have been subject to limit breaking, then after a year, S2 heroes, then again, one year and S3 heroes, and so on, limit breakers could have restored ballance to the game… another missed opportunity to turn towards a player friendly attitude by SG… doesn’t matter, not any more… soon we’ll have limit broken Friggs and Elizabeths and Krampus (like 2100 defense wasn’t enough) and ninjas and many more that only a few select ones hard paying costumers have access to… it’s getting better by the day, keep it up dear SG… great job, the golden goose is preparing to lay another egg…


Why are they doing it though? Every “update” has a reason. S1 heroes not being able to compete with s3 heroes so costumes were born, i get that. But why this ??? Dodges. Reflect. Ninjas. Resurrects. Protected. Taunts. My head is spinning. As the leader of a top 100 franchise it makes no sense to me. How does this improve the game or life balance, let alone wallet balance :laughing:


“What is the point of beta?” This question makes me sad. Beta players go through a lot of effort to get into beta and give feedback, but are not listened to.



well said. If this really goes live it will be the end for me


Limit breakers means one thing to me: STAGNATION.

Why chase after the new shiny heroes when:

  • You have to max them
  • You have to give them emblems
  • and now you have to limit break them?

I’ll use the limit breaker on the heroes I already have at +20 and then I’ll always use them for everything, so where is the incentive in pulling for a new hero when I know it’ll take years to be usable?


This was my feedback in Beta the 1st time Limit Breakers were released:

  • First concern: this is “only” the first purple tier. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Devs keep releasing limit breakers until all 4 tiers are purple (level 100), which would absolutely destroy any balance.

  • Second concern:
    I am quite sure that these limit breakers will be mainly in offers where players can buy additional ones. As an FTP, I’m strongly against that. If they are only possible to obtain through gameplay, it would be a bit more balanced (but read concern #3).
    Even if the Devs claim that these will not be part of offers, I’m sure this would change in the future (just like emblems are now part of pretty much any offer).

  • Third, but not last:
    Overall, it is more of a whale friendly feature. People who have certain heroes (e.g. ninjas, Frigg and Odin) will now make them even more broken than they currently are. This would be an issue especially when attacking these teams and would definitely increase the balance gap even further.

Most beta testers gave similar feedback, but apparently it doesn’t matter…


Thanks @Guvnor for creating this thread and given another (probably the last :frowning_face:) try to make the players heard.
Rating myself being a seasoned player and beta tester for quite a while, i can just share everything Guvnor wrote. I am completely put out by limit breakers and even more by the ignorance of SGG in this matter. Please correct me if i’m wrong, but as far es i remember, they did not even bother to put a single answer towards all the negative feedback from their volunteer (!) testers. Not even speaking about any kind of real interaction or even a ‘discussion’.

It’s a sad time, when moderators quit their job and retire from beta.
It’s a sad time, when the developers don’t seem to listen (again) to warnings from so many voices.
It’s a sad time, when developers ignore promises of seasoned players to quit as this goes live.

Dear SG, maybe it’s your last chance to keep this game (which i’m sure brings you quite a lot of money) alive in the long term? :thinking:


It already is live. The first already have the update, at least in one of my line groups people were already surprised what this new things are they can’t use at the moment.
So as long as they didn’t lie to me(which I doubt) , first people can already see limit breakers in live game (although can not use because it will only start after the forced update for everyone)


When you have to:

  1. summon the hero
  2. max the hero
  3. Emblem the hero
  4. Summon AND max the costume, if the hero has one
  5. then limit break them

and also when beta players and moderators and other players:

  1. give feedback
  2. give more feedback
  3. give even more feedback
  4. and the thing still goes through


You have forgotten:
6. limit break their costume



it never ends :rofl: :rofl:

what’s next… limit break the limit break???

maybe SG will introduce something on top of emblems. Tiaras, perhaps. or each hero gets a summon-able pet …


Edit; apparently I missed this also…


Raiding will be fun smh 5k teams here we go… Go go gadget reroll button… :laughing:


Total Support for this. I feel for this @Guvnor. Thanks for being the sane voice along with the other Beta testers. We need to make this thread big enough to make SG hear us. Or it will be the death of this game which I personally have come to like.


On a side note remember when 2500 got you in the top 10 in raids… my my my look how far we’ve come it’s gonna be doubled in size LMAO

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This seems a post script error in the huge error log of the game developers.

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