About DoT like water and burn

Hi all , what influence on DOT of JF, Vela , that red lion ( couldn’t remember his name ) , marjana etc ? And what heroes burn stack together ?


DOT damage increases with attack power. As they level, the DOT damage will increase. Troops also effect DOTs. Attack bonuses from items/special abilities do NOT increase DOTs.

NO DOTS stack, except for Bleed damage (barbarian talent). If ‘burn’ gets applied to a target that already has it, it just overwrites the effect.

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Also, there’s a lot more information and clarification offered here:


Burn will not slack on burn.

But you CAN stack water, burn, poison, bleed together. #all the DOTs


The rule of thumb is that if the icon is the same, then it would not stack, but overwrite the previous one.


I like Vela’s DoT. Especially against Atlantis enemies in underwater stages. #DrownAllTheFish

Kinda odd holy don’t have dot as noticed with clarissa as she negative with posion :woman_shrugging:
Sure the holy are the masters of the blind is that it or will there be a dot for a future holy hero

I still find it odd that water and fire don’t cancel each other out…


Sometimes my cooking is burnt and frozen at the same time. Maybe it’s like that?


Maybe it’s scalding hot water, who knows?

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UNLESS the Burn Damage is from the Season III Match-3 Fire tiles that includes a Burn Damage tile.


That burn damage is in addition to DoT Burn Damage from your Fire heroes like Jean-François, Azlar, Jahangir, etc.



Or how Burn Damage from JF and other Reds defies the laws of physics in those Season II Underwater Stages? :thinking:

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Wonder how many people would be ticked off if gm and vela no longer stacked…


Lots! Doesn’t effect me 'cause I have neither of those heroes, but if I did I’m sure I’d be just a tiny bit upset.

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Lol i think it would be pretty epic and probly make clarissa all the more valuable even though she’s paladin…if sg is in the business of making money they should definitely go for it

If this game has taught us anything it’s that no matter how many players get fed up, the money still keeps pouring in


That is so true! And it’s not like it’s affecting one or two players. It’s an “Across the Board” all encompassing change that affects every player with or without those heroes because a change like that would change how we approach those heroes in a defense or how players, who have them, would set up their defense.

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Natalya burn : cant be dispelled
JF burn: can be dispelled

Do they stack together ?

@littleKAF @zephyr1

No, same-effect DoT don’t stack.

The only thing distinctive because Natalya’s isn’t dispellable is that it can’t be overwritten by another Burn DoT like JF’s.


Got it, thanks !

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