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I don’t know exactly why the thread was closed. I do know that this assertion:

is one of the silliest things I have ever seen posted in the forum (which really is saying something).

What proportion of threads would we say basically amount to criticism of the game and/or the devs? No less than half, right? Maybe three quarters? 80%?

And how often are threads shut down because of some breach of forum rules? It doesn’t happen every day. Does it happen once a week? Perhaps.

So do we really think that SG don’t like “critizism” and are motivated to close threads because they want players to “shut our mouths”? If so then they are going about things in a very unusual way, hosting a forum that is largely a venue for players to criticise the game, and choosing to let most threads run their course until they descend into obscurity as interest in them fades.


I’m not sure of the exact reason either or why the offending individual post wasn’t just removed rather than closing the topic. Yes we did delve a bit into some off topic stuff in a couple of posts but really so what, it was harmless and uncontroversial. Amusingly, I received ‘nice topic’, ‘good topic’ and ‘gives back’ badges for the thread. I very much doubt community members complained but the action seems like a fitting ending to my story.

… And he lived happily ever after. The end.



Why not retire from playing intensively, and play for fun instead?

Thank you for this thread.
I enjoyed some Real Life yesterday - actually with a lady whom I met in my alliance, and then we found out that we are almost neighbors :blush:, so we met at a cafe, and we had a great time! - and I missed the thread by @marlenus.

For big players, I would like to mention an alternative to quitting completely. An alternative that more and more big players are choosing. It is simply:

Retiring from playing intensively. :hugs:

Leaving that topXX alliance, joining a smaller alliance with nice people - or joining one of the retirement alliances which are currently being founded by more and more big players. Who all want to do what I have done: simply play in peace.

Leaving “the grind with the big titans”, going back to “play, not work”.

The quotes are taken from a conversation that I had last week with another big player. That is what he said to me. Verbatim.
Some time ago, I had met the guy in a topXX alliance. Now I saw him again, and he had founded a retirement alliance. To play the game in peace. To play. For fun. Instead of working.

As some may know, I myself retired from playing intensively some time ago. For the same reasons. I was thoroughly tired of the grind with the big titans, and I was thoroughly tired of this game being nothing but work. For no pay. On the contrary… I have a daytime job, thank you very much, and I do not appreciate having to work and work, for no pay, in my spare time.

But why quit the game, and throw the labor and the investment of time and money in the trash?

I myself - and more and more big players now - very much prefer retiring to a smaller alliance, with like-minded people, playing for fun, having no stress, no bother, no annoying stuff - and happily raiding to our heart’s content :hugs:

We have the heroes, we have the experience, we have nice contacts with whom we can raid back and forth, sending them the videos, congratulating them on their wins, and - of course, in my case :wink: - inviting them for some nice genuine German beer for their return visits :beer::beer::beer::trophy::hugs:

Now, that is what I call playing a game for fun and enjoyment. Like retirement in Real Life: I have worked hard. For quite some time. Now, I have time to play and enjoy myself. :grin:

To my mind, retirement is a wonderful alternative to quitting the game and throwing everything away. :blush:

I would strongly advise to give it a try.

Now, I have no idea what SG thinks about all these happy - and quite strong - retirees hopping around in the Top 100 player leaderboard, talking to each other, having a great time and enjoying themselves immensely. Instead of throwing everything down and thus making room for the next generation of players - who still spend a whole lot of money trying to get to the place where we retirees already are.

Well, as Rhett Butler said, "Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a d… " :grin:

I never asked for 12* titans, I never asked for war or for big huge war opponents, I never asked for grind, work, bother and annoyance. And I have retired from all of that stuff.

Play, not work :hugs:


The first rule of moderation is you do not discuss moderation on the forum.

Because once we start doing that the cat is out of the bag, we force the moderator to motivate and be publicly answerable to any decision he/she makes. And they’ll find themselves having to do so with one hand tied behind their back because of user privacy. I can assure you no moderator in their right mind, paid or volunteer, will put up with that. I know I wouldn’t.

Cut them some slack, 'ye of little faith.


I find you’re not making any sense.


I believe there were multiple flagged posts offering to purchase said account, or other accounts. It also did have many replies suggesting what games to play instead.

I enjoyed the original post, as like any addiction it isn’t always comfortable sharing. There were also some nice replays towards the top of it. Best of luck @marlenus


Hint: some people are not nice.


I believe it was this reason. Handful of comments about sharing/selling accounts. If I recall correctly, Rook even had to remind people of the ToC.


Hint: you’re stupid.

Edit because the post was hidden: to the mod that found it appropriate to hide it: shame on you!


Aaaaand i sniff a close even here :joy:


I agree it may have been appropriate to delete those posts but I totally ignored them so not sure why the whole thread was locked down. Believe me I wish I could leave my work to someone else, but not only is it against ToS, I’d have to give away a gmail account that’s been my primary email account since 2005. So, not happening.


Maybe they don’t want for farawell topics to snowball. Ppl are leaving or thinking about but not everybody wants to start topic. If these topic become popular threads it sends the wrong message to fresh players. There is plenty of valid criticism in there as well. Criticism that remains chronically unanswered. So yep i think they want to shut it down.


I think if that was the case, they would just delete the whole thread. I don’t think SGG is out to hide dissatisfaction and criticism. As Brobb pointed out, just take a look at the forum topics. There are a dozen or more new posts every week criticizing SGG and those aren’t being deleted or locked.

Thinking about it further… The side effect of locking a popular negative post is it VERY rapidly moves off the front page of the forum and gets buried in the past. So in that sense, locking a post is sort of a passive aggressive method of censoring things :smiley:

Update: I actually thought it was one of the more civil, friendly threads I’ve seen in recent times! It was refreshing to be able to communicate with others, share ideas whether related to EPP or addiction to games in general as well as recommend a couple of other games that are in no way competitors to SGG. We can’t chat in game outside of our alliance, we can’t chat in PMs in the forums, those are disabled, there’s no off topic forum… so one would think there could be some lenience when a couple of posts might deviate a bit from E&P but the majority of the thread is on topic.

@sleeperZ96BT I believe I know the car you’re talking about. If so, it looks like a PoS but is really really quick.


Deleting would amount to censorship and thus admission that problem exists. Too early for this.


Farewell threads are pretty common - everyone decides to stop playing eventually, unless they die first - and I don’t remember seeing one closed before. Moreover, the idea that SG would be comfortable closing a thread they disliked but would be unwilling to delete it, because that would somehow acknowledge the existence of the problem raised in that thread, is balderdash.


They closed their own thread (that should have been a pin) about the Hero power rating changes because people came in whining and crying, so yeah, I don’t understand the moderation at all now.


More than one player requested that that particular thread be shut down, because in their opinion it had gone off the rails. I didn’t think it had, but I would say that, wouldn’t I - some might argue that my contributions took it off the rails.


Can I talk about off topic things in here and not get the thread locked since we were going down this path before the last one got shuttered (and I can’t PM you so I have to do it publicly)? @marlenus it’s a gutted track prepped LS3 powered C5. He’s almost always one of the fastest. We affectionately call him Bananas (there is a hint).


As defined in the updated forum rules, debating forum moderation is not permitted. Thus, closing this topic.

#14 - Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.”

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