About 3* troops

Crit and mana troops are better for defense, that’s why they have earned more stars (they are more valuable)

But what is the best use for 3* troops, I have been thinking this for a while. They are not useless.

For offence very fast, average, slow and very slow needs a mana troop, so only choice is that they are made for fast heroes (advantage is so small). You just have to find the most suitable one. That would also help you to choose nodes correctly, if you know what troops you are using. Also I don’t recommend you to feed secondary crit troop right away

You need some to be leveled in order for your epic heroes to be a bit stronger during Challenge Events in epic tiers. Other than that, they may be a good temporary substitute supporting your heroes if you dont have all the epic troops.


They are not temporary troops. I start to feed those troops for fast heroes after I get one crit troop and 3 × mana troop enough high for each color

Well, for me they are early on. We all know that 4* troops are far better than the 3* troops, either for adding defense and health to your weak heroes or for reducing the tile requirements for filling mana of your heroes. Once I obtained enough 4* troops, the 3* troops are relegated only to challenge events supporting my heroes in epic tiers.

Do not forget about tourneys restricted to epic heroes, they are also restricted to 3* troops.

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I think they are better for fast attack heroes. They give hit points and critical bonus too.

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