Able to see enemy raid videos


You’re talking about yourself. You “know” your suggestion is “better”.


Enough guys. Keep it civil.


You know I ain’t looking for trouble @Rook


If I mark the last post in a thread as ‘Offensive’ and you take no action, I assume you want to see how the discussion continues.

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Sorry, i figured out by my own how to win raids and others should do the same.

No one show me the way, but i win the same.
How come?


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The hell? No one is talking about winning raids, I’m talking about seeing videos or when YOU get raided.

I don’t see what your problem is


My problem is that i don’t wanna other see how i play or what my strategy are when i raid.
And i’m not interested in how others raids me.

If all of us can see other raids us, we can choose the best tactics used against us and use it on our own.
So there’s no difference in “good raiding player” and “bad raiding player” anymore.


Well considering not everyone here is playing for cups or trying to be in the top 100 so most people won’t care

Of course there would be the 0.1% of the players who are against it but w/e


I mean, in theory I get not wanting to show your strats, in practice I wonder - are there really such complex strats in this game?

Focus the right target (preferably with gems that hurt it the most), don’t spread our your damage like a madman, stack one color at a time when possible, avoid hitting dangerous heroes like Azlar with gems and only use skills on them, have a good board.

Et voila, teams of +300 / +700 power over you can fall to that. Good board being the major factor.


Great Idea, but I don’t how much in resources it would take to implement this.


A single developer with a few days to work on this is enough. :slight_smile:

The feature can work without storing actual video on SG’s servers or sending video clips to our phones.


All good, but there’s more so you can win with that handicap even with a “normal” board.

Soooo, no thanks.


I didn’t mean amazing board, I meant a good board. Let’s be honest, this game really isn’t rocket science or a pinnacle of tactics :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure thing.
Even so, let’s keep some tricks for the folks :face_with_monocle:


Funny how Elpis imagines he has some secret tricks worth hiding.


Funny how you imagines to know everything.


Umm… I just repeated what you said. Now… some people are better than others at attacking. You too are likely better than some. But if you think you have some tricks nobody else knows you’re imagining.

I think seeing your defense in action would be a lot more useful for choosing your defense than learning to attack.


Never say that i have unique tricks that nobody knows, but that i use some tricks that only someone knows. And somebody maybe use others that i don’t know yet.
So why we have to make avalaible for all ours trump card?

Tricks have sense only in attack, cause there’s always a method to beat even the strongest defence team.
You can change it all you want, but it don’t make much difference if the power is pretty much the same.

The only way that people with weaker cards have to compete with great spenders is tricks.
Show them (who don’t know yet) how to use them at best, and there’s no match anymore.


not everyone is competing for top spot or cares about stealing some strategy

Even if it’s not like everyone has a maxed out team to choose from and can copy your team