Able to see enemy raid videos


It would be cool if there would be an option to see how the enemy won / lost against you

Not only will you be able to improve your strategy but it’s also interesting to see

This was in Injsutice : Gods among us and I think it’s a great feature


This would be my favorite feature request. (If I had started any thread on this forum)


Some players dont want to reveal the atk teams. So they need to make so you can cover it


How about players don’t get to choose whether to reveal their teams or not?


Some player dont want there strategi revealed.

But how do you wanna improve by seening a win pr lose?

Cause as defender you cant change anything other then the heroes.


Exactly, change their placement or just change the heroes


Like it. :muscle: :+1:


I think a better suggestion would be to let alliance members attack other members in trials. This would a) let the attacker test their team and b) let the defender know where they’re weak.

There doesn’t have to be a reward system, but if there was it could be something internal within the Alliance.


That’s a very different and not better suggestion.


Cool. Good talk. LOL.


You’re having trouble understanding simple things, JonSnow? Do you need detailed explanations?


No, just don’t feel like wasting my time with someone who knows they’re already better than everyone else. So you can take your arrogant, self entitled responses and point them towards someone else. I ain’t your guy.


You’re talking about yourself. You “know” your suggestion is “better”.


Enough guys. Keep it civil.


You know I ain’t looking for trouble @Rook


If I mark the last post in a thread as ‘Offensive’ and you take no action, I assume you want to see how the discussion continues.

Or was I mistaken and the forum software works in such ways that you didn’t see my flag at the time?


Sorry, i figured out by my own how to win raids and others should do the same.

No one show me the way, but i win the same.
How come?


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The hell? No one is talking about winning raids, I’m talking about seeing videos or when YOU get raided.

I don’t see what your problem is


My problem is that i don’t wanna other see how i play or what my strategy are when i raid.
And i’m not interested in how others raids me.

If all of us can see other raids us, we can choose the best tactics used against us and use it on our own.
So there’s no difference in “good raiding player” and “bad raiding player” anymore.