Able to Raid Same Opponent more than 3 Times

I actually accidentally do this long time ago. If I am not wrong, revenge 2 times. When you fail 2 times, go to normal raid, search for new opponent and attack. The revenge counter will reset to 0.

You can see that he didn’t attack 5 times in row. He attack 2 times, stop for some time, and attack 3 times.

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That sounds about right… I recall doing something similar: revenged once or twice, and then the opponent was on-line so I couldn’t attack. Came back later and found that I could revenge another 3 times.

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It is possible to be attacked more than 3 times and some players are using that strategy to do that.
Check this existing thread :


Hmmm…very interesting, now it makes sense, this way we can try to beat someone more than 3 attempts, thanks for the answer, I was looking for this since morning lol…

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Thanks a lot, just read another thread that @Magnifique posted below, now I could see it’s possible, well, that’s another lesson I’ve learned lol…

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