Able to Raid Same Opponent more than 3 Times

Yesterday I was raiding to use up extra raid energy. I was rolling for targets to save my revenges for chest filling. Art came up and I attacked him. I lost on the first try, and I was out of raid energy, but I felt that I could defeat him, so I hit the Rematch button to store him as my next opponent. Later, when I had raid energy available again, I hit Find Opponent, and Art came back up, as expected. I didn’t fare any better in the next two fights, losing them both. What surprised me was that after losing the second and third attempts against Art, I was still able to fight him a fourth time.

A) This seems wrong.

B) My guess is that if I lose a fight, I can do the following as many times as I want to, until I defeat the opponent:

  1. hit Rematch
  2. cancel out of the Raid dialog without fighting
  3. come back into the Raid screen
  4. hit Find Opponent
  5. fight the same opponent again.

I’m all out of raid energy at the moment, and I’m trying to fill a chest, so I don’t want to waste it, but maybe I’ll have more bad luck and blow some raid flasks to test out my hypothesis.

My guess is you rolled him a second time after your third re-match. Its rare but I’ve seen it happen before

Sorry I wasn’t clear on that - I hit the Rematch button after the first three fights, not the Roll Opponent button, so there’s no way that I re-rolled him as a new opponent.

This same thing just happened to me. Allowed me to attack more than 3 times.

I’ve had it happen against me. Doesn’t seem possible that they rerolled me.

I was able to reproduce the issue again today. It takes place over a couple of hours, so not exactly something that I can record… But here are the general steps that I’m taking:

Roll for a new opponent with one raid energy remaining.
Fight (and lose).
Hit Rematch button.
Cancel out of Raid screen (because I don’t have any raid energy).
Exit the game.
Come back later.
Roll for a new opponent (and get the same opponent that I stored using the Rematch button). <- this is expected behavior, as far as I’m concerned.
I now have three more attempts to attack the opponent, assuming that I lose the first two.

FWIW, during the “Exit the game… Come back later” steps, I am raided by other players. I don’t know if this does something to reset the game’s storage of my available rematches.

As @EarlVerdant’s post shows, there was also a time lapse between the first attack and the latter three. Perhaps the time component is a part of it, as well.

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Bug or intentional?

I beat him on my 4th try, after bolstusk had done 7 revives in the 3rd lol.

I reported this, as well. Never got much response. It seems like if you lose your first attempt on your last flag, hit rematch, and cancel out, you get three more shots when you finally get more flags.

Here it is: Able to Raid Same Opponent more than 3 Times

I thought there was a limit on attacks against the same team if you were attacking a team and that it was no different than if you were revenging from their raid. I normally attack a team and will sometimes try the max (3) number of tries to see what hero composition works to win and if I fail then it does not allow me to go again. I like to do this with especially hard heroes as I might see them in war and it allows me to see what combinations might work. Today I attacked a team and lost 5 times! The only reason I kept going was because it kept allowing me to! I’ve never been able to attack the same team 5 times! Is this a bug or a new change with V30 I did not know about? It sure seems too that the AI is smarter and really hitting my heroes harder than before and it knows when my special is about to go off and kills my hero too.

@DocDO; shifted your thread to one which has the same thing.

If you read the OP it shows how they were able to replicate the phenomena.

Jogo a 3 anos hj fui atacado 4 vezes pelo mesmo jogador como pode isso ?

Raided 4 times by same person? I thought you could only be raided a max 3 attempts? But someone has just hit my account 3 times lost and won on the 4th?

Am și eu o problema asemănătoare …pe mine m-a atacat cineva de 4 ori la rând

Firstly, welcome to the forum @Goeegeorge

Also, English is the official language on the forum.


I have a similar problem… someone attacked me 4 times in a row

ok I’m sorry, I thought it would translate automatically, I was referring to a game problem in the sense that I was attacked by a person 3 times in a row during the raid, I know that it can only be attacked 3 times

Hey @Goeegeorge, here is an existing thread where the OP explains how it is possible to raid an opponent more than 3 times:

If so, how and why?

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Hey guys, i’ve found an old thread from 18, but there’s not a concrete answer, and already is closed, so, sorry mods for open this door again, but i just want to know how it’s possible ok, i was attacked by this guy 5 times, he tried 4 times, then in the 5th attempt he won, not a big deal, but when i try to revenge or just attack someone 3 times and lose, there’s no way to attack again right? So how this happened? As you can see, all attacks happened in a short time between one and other. Again, sorry mods for this thread, but i couldn’t find answers. Have a good day.

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