Able to purchase new avatar in-game?

Hi guys,

Not sure whether did anyone mentioned abt this.
I do feel that there are so many heroes in the game and why didn’t there an increase in the avatar?
I know these heroes avatars can only be bought by gg in top 10 in the events.
Are we able to use gems to purchase some avatars instead? It does look cool if we can purchase heroes like Colen, Alzar and other 4 / 5* heros that look great.

Hopefully the developer able to look into it. Cheers!

[New images for avatars please :D]

I think this would be the right thread for your idea. And i’m not sure if i would spent gems for a new avatar, except the ones for monthly heroes. If you roll the hero, you can use the one also as your avatar.

I finally updated the game but couldn’t find the avatars & backgrounds for sale in the store. Does anyone knows where to find it or will it be available for a future release?

Click your profile pic, click change 2 new tabs should be there. But nothing is available yet.
It will change once the full roll out is done

I beta it was available at the store

Glad they have include this feature, Thanks! Can’t wait to purchase some of the heroes avatar. :smiley:

It is called “avatar shop” or “avatar store”, meaning there’s a cost. Do you know what the cost was for buying avatars? Was it too expensive in gems?

The most desirable were expensive. The others affordable

Depends on what you think is expensive or affordable :wink:

lol, I’m not paying 1200 gems, or even 500, in a different avatar or background color.

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The avatar shop has now been launched in the game. It’s accessed through the shop under the Featured tab.

Since the ability to purchase avatars has been added to the game, I’m closing this thread.