Ability to watch War fights

I would love when the war starts, when those little icons go for the attack to be able to click the respective player defense where the battle is taking place and witness everything.

Why? Would give a great insight on how the defense setup is stacking, and most of all, it would be very fun and exciting.

While this might be a dream wish, I know I’ll be jumped around with comments like “why would SG waste resources on something like this” it’s like saying why would Apple waste resources on adding an expandable memory slot to their iPhone :wink:


Yes, I was just saying this today. I would like to be able to watch the fights happen.


I use a screen recorder to record my fights. Then I can share them with whoever I wish or watch them when I want. If you are talking bout watching other people’s fights, then yes, I agree. It would be nice to peek in.


I like to watch but not to be watched.
So i like this idea but with a button on/off that the raider can switch.

I’m timid :flushed:


I’m watching you…right now…

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Maybe they can just set it so we don’t know if anyone is watching us. I would prefer that.


Yes!! Anonymous observation with no chat available. I just came in here to post this.


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