Ability to watch raids live

I’m not familiar with how these games work and are designed so I’m uncertain if this is even possible but if so, I would Love to have people be able to raid whether the defender was online or not and if they were, the defending person be notified of the raid and be able to click over and watch, in real time, to see how their defense performs. It would save a lot of trial & error time in deciding on heroes, placement of, etc. for your defense but more importantly, I think it would be really enjoyable to watch.

Idk if this or something similar has been suggested, if so please feel free to merge.

I would love this feature! I would like to add a bit to your thought. Could we get a spectator mode on our war battles as well? It would be cool to see how others in your alliance perform, and why!

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Please, see this topic:

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The OP said “raid” not “war”…

Let @zephyr1 decide whether its a duplicate or not…

Edit: OP said it is different not duplicate.


@SuuriKoira that’s a whole different thing and I could see that going in a lot of different directions, none of which I was considering at all. I suppose I can see why you might associate the two but I don’t at all. This would be a constantly available feature–for raids. If SG took it in that direction that’d be one thing but certainly not what I was asking for.

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@Moxley thanks for your support 1st of all! At 1st that idea seems like it might be cool, but the more I think about it the more I think it could cause a lot of issues. Like players telling others how to play for one, then a bunch of "I told you so"s…I just wanna watch My team and how it performs. All the time, any time. Plus, as someone was quick to point out, that has apparently been suggested in various forms b4 so I wanna keep this separate as it was initially intended.

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Technically I don’t see any difference between watching an AW battle and raid. In both cases we have a player that does matches on a randomly generated board and AI managed defense team.

This can be easily addressed by privacy setting “Who can watch my battles”: Only I, Alliance members, Everyone.

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There are a couple of other options that could work when it comes to live views.

  1. go to youtube and setup a live stream channel or a broadcast then tell your allience what times you will be playing and give them the link to your live steam channel. All vids also stay posted on youtube.

  2. this is for the SG devs side of things. I know vids take up storage plus a lot of work is required to setup a goid server to handle the load.
    But what if you code it so that all vids loaded directly onto Youtube say using an SG channel or members own accounts.
    I know it can be done using their Capture App

This would most certainly solve the storage issue plus increase interent presence via youtube a great deal.
Not sure if it can be coded that way but worth a look in.

Wow @Ozy1!! There’s some “outside the box” thinking, I’ll give you that, Lol!!! Idk if that kinda thing would help SG at all or not but either way, the game itself would need to be modified 1st. I don’t see the point or need for any or all of that though. Just wanna watch my own team defending itself during raids. While I’m logged into the game. I have no intention of live streaming anything on Utube, ever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though!

Yea I’m an out side the box type of thinker/guy, lol.

It was just an option for those interested but having said that your idea has been put on the table many times before in the last 12 months I have been here fir both Wars and Raid and I do support the idea 100%.

This is a close variant to the general idea of watching battles. Let’s keep this in the main thread:

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